Thank you, Bergen! (A meaty and hearty multimedia post from our Bergen tour!)

takk bergen

Takk, Bergen! For a wonderful trip and for so many of you coming out to join in shenanigans! Such a treat to be able to share these projects with you. Thank you for being so game, open and playful, but most of all, inspiring me with your practice and connection.

Thank you for showing up, for participating, for your feedback, and for bringing your vibes. Appreciate each one of you (including the folks who sent me messages who couldn’t make it!)

Below is a rundown of the “tour” with some pictures, video, audio and links!


/ / / ART + YOGA (KUNST + YOGA) @ KODE / / /

We landed and went straight to KODE to set up for our events. I always love to return to these special buildings in the city. There´s a peacefulness in them, I think.

The venue for both events was Tårnsalen, and Helga Anspach guided us through a history of the Lysverket (KODE 4) building and its changing history. It was purpose built for a power company and was a base for the administration. (You can see clues within the architecture which is pretty rad. I´ve never used “rad” before. Seems legit. Again, I digress…)

KODE 4 via

KODE 4 via

What struck me most was that Tårnsalen used to be the canteen of the building! Imagine, all that power and food under one roof! Pretty nice connection and stunning ambience!

Anyway. I´d chosen to theme the yoga session as “Adapting to Change”, and how we manage that both on and off the mat. Just as the building has been repurposed, so might we as we move through our lives. Essentially this practice was about how we look at our own materials (physically, mentally, emotionally and so on) and begin to see what is there and what experiences have brought us to this point. Then, finding our feet and building on that foundation to explore how we may always stay grounded and connected to ourselves despite the waves of change.

It was a lot of fun to explore different techniques relating to structure and stability, and to hold space and witness the journeys. Thank you!

art + yoga kunst + yoga


Next came the Silent Art Disco at KODE. Phew. What a brilliant time that was. Our last event (link) was a lot of fun with queues out the door of excited revellers. This time it was even more bonkers, with over 250 people joining us in Tårnsalen.

Was great to dance with you all! Thank you!

Here´s some clips and press from the event!

BT came along to create a video report which was LOTS of fun!

bt silent art disco interview

STUDENT RADIO BERGEN made a report with interviews, pictures and audio via this link!

STUDVEST made an amazing video and write up of the event which you can read here!

Silent Art Disco at KODE, image via Studvest

Silent Art Disco at KODE, image via Studvest

silent art disco kode bergen feb

brød og smør


/ / / YOGA @ BAS LIBRARY / / /

Architecture school of Bergen Library location

Architecture school of Bergen Library location

Friday evening was the cosy Sunset Yoga sessions by the water at Bergen Architecture School Library! It´s an intimate space and one feels very much connected to the elements there. For starters, it´s on the edge of the coast, so the wind and sea are wonderfully in your face. The location is off the main road into the city, a giant concrete slab of a silo tower greets you, and you pass through a yard filled with all kinds of metal and materials – sculptures that students at the school had clearly spent a lot of time on, the articulation of detail was fascinating.

Doing our best to navigate the delicate structures with all our equipment, we pass through glass doors into the library, a dramatic change of scenery. The metal and concrete feel so industrial and cold, the library offers a warm and very cosy contrast to that. Despite it´s size, it´s not pokey by any sense. But the arrangement of the space allows for there to be many nooks and crannies containing armchairs and sheepskin, so you can settle into your own little zone with books or periodicals, I wanted to stay there! You know, just live there! It´s also a space that´s open to the public which I think is super (check it out if you haven´t already!).BAS library friday

The session here was taking to account the events of the day. Earlier, most of the students had a presentation, and had been preparing for it for weeks. Many were utterly exhausted and so we had a gentle space-making practice that just enabled folks to have the opportunity to get out of their heads and into their bodies. We got into the areas that tend to suffer when things get a bit stressful: shoulders, necks, upper backs, as well as some time in the hip joint to enable an energy focus “downwards”. Thank you everyone for that sweet and intimate session. Appreciate you making the time despite perhaps urges to just go to bed with Netflix and a takeaway!

Here´s a clip of the event!



Saturday, we were back at Sjelevarme for the Yoga & Self Care Workshop which was another group of dear and darling souls. So grateful for that and for the time to spend exploring ways we can develop more focus and deepen the connection to ourselves. In fact, FOCUS was key in every part of this journey. Deep listening. Slowing down, treading softly and unravelling tension. Massage. Visualisation. Sweetness indeed!

Really appreciate time and opportunity to go deeper than in a “general class” space. And the trust and generosity of your attention to the most fascinating subject in the room – yourselves!

yoga self care workshop

/ / / ART + YOGA (KUNST + YOGA) @ KODE / / /

Saturday afternoon was spent at KODE for the second and final public class. It was Val´s day, although i´d promised not to talk about it, i´d already planned to give attention to the upper body, hopefully offer some gently uplifting and opening postures at the start of the weekend. The earlier art lecture was based on the new exhibition, Beyond G(l)aze, and the feedback from those attending was that it was about how the interpretation of something can be drastically different, depending on one´s circumstances.beyond glaze

This of course, is something I talk about regularly in yoga sessions. That we are each individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, bodies, feelings and so on. We can´t expect to have the same experience on the mat, so it´s important to be compassionate and gentle with ourselves to allow space for that. I´d seen one of the pieces – a ceramic heart – which had caught my eye. (see above!). The delicate material and subject of this piece struck me as appropriate for the focus i´d had in mind.

Often, we tend to be very raw and protective in this area. It´s not only a vital organ, but physiologically, the chest and heart area can be a tender area to work with. We looked at how courageous and strong it is to be vulnerable (shout out to Brene Brown!) and reassured that whatever situations have occurred, whether physical or emotional or other, we can appreciate the strength that exists in that.

Here´s a little video of our adventure!



Was our second Yoga & Self Care Workshop at Sjelevarme. Again, so lucky to share space with amazing people, to go deeper in our exploration. The main inspiration behind both events was an old favourite of mine, a book called The Endorphine Effect by William Bloom. We tapped into areas that needed some focus and attention and made space to feel good and take care of ourselves. If you´re interested in some ways that self-care can benefit your life, i have collated a little board on Pinterest for you to indulge.


Here´s a view from our space, we´re nestled beside the mountains and Sjelevarme is such a healing space in so many ways (literally, Maja has a lot of healing sessions, workshops and privates as well as other what I think is also connected, creative explorations such as painting and writing. Check it out if you´re in town!)

Well, that´s all for the roundup. To those of you in Bergen, we´re looking at dates for the next trip, just awaiting to hear news on confirmation on a project and then flights will be booked.

If there´s something you enjoyed and wanted more of, or perhaps there´s something you would like me to do when i´m next back in town, please send me a message and i´ll do what I can to make it happen!

Love and thanks again,

Dionne x xx x x

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