Thank you, Bergen!

Just got home from a grand trip to Bergen this weekend, reuniting with lots of lovely familiar faces and meeting lots of lovely new ones! I´m super grateful to you!

We started Friday with our return to Herosalen for our Space is the Place adventure – can i mention how totally blown away i am that such willing and open folks showed up on a Friday evening after a long and busy week?

Amazing. I salute each one of you.

herosalen yoga


Then on Saturday, we returned to our project Kunst + Yoga at KODE, focusing on the new exhibition “The Needles Eye. Contemporary Embroidery” (if you haven´t seen it, it runs until 4 January and is brills so check it out!).

So lovely to take over and re-utilise the space and be amongst such dear artworks (people).

art kunst yoga bergen oct 2014-11-01 15.52.17

Already looking forward to returning to Bergen before the end of the month!

So far, confirmed events are:

Saturday 29 November : Kunst + Yoga @ KODE 1pm tour, 2pm yoga, both in KODE 4, more details here!

Sunday 30 November: Yoga Day Retreat @ KODE – places are beginning to fill and details are here! Will “officially” announce in the next post.


Still a possibility of something else up the sleeve, will as ever keep you posted!

I know there were people who couldn´t make sessions over the weekend and appreciate all your messages and connections, will see you soon, certainly.

Big love, gratitude, spacious feelings and good vibes (always)


bergen october

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