Sound Advice: Lessons in Trust plus Bergen this autumn?

Bergen dionneThis picture was taken in Bergen on the day i gave up one of my many “extra jobs”. Can you see how pleased/relieved i was? But it was also terrifying as i didn´t know how we would survive and afford to eat. Dramatic, but that was the reality and i was scared as hell. But the job was making me feel so bad, and running all over town to try to share yoga events was taking its toll. I spent months weighing up the cost of doing what you love Vs surviving and being miserable in another part of my life. My conclusion was, i wanted to focus on doing what i loved full time. Simple. So you just have to trust, right?

Despite being terrified.
That it will work out.
That you will make it work.
And it will.
Because it has to!

Lately, we´ve been working our bottoms off to secure space in Bergen for October and November so i can share some new and exciting feel good related yoga projects with folks in Bergen this autumn (i initially wrote “fall”, imagine!).

Trying to be patient and TRUST the process whilst scheming and dreaming…and i am truly grateful for your patience – really hope to share an update of dates and events with you soon. Meanwhile, if you know of anywhere in sentrum with a lovely floor space and a kitchen (!) give me a prod or a shout!

I think it´s safe to mention we will be continuing the art + yoga project at the art museums of Bergen- KODE – in fact, right in that lovely white tower behind me in the picture. When this picture was taken, it had already been a year of me dreaming of hosting yoga in the art museums…still another 6 months before i would be making it a reality. Crazy! Dream big, and never give up my friends!

Big hugs and loads of love! x

2 thoughts on “Sound Advice: Lessons in Trust plus Bergen this autumn?

  1. Thank you for your true inspiration, Dionne! You were the one that inspired me to go ahead, and leave for India to do my yttc. You were the one that planted the idea, thanks. It’s something I’ll never regret, in a million years. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s amazing. I hope to see you a lot this autumn, Bergen is the place 😉 love.

    • Tone! Thank you so much for your kind and lovely words. I´m really happy you plunged into the never ending adventure- what a trip! Hope to see you very soon my love (i´ll be back next month!) big hug x x x x

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