Moving from the heart // A workshop // Sunday 17 February 2013

It brings me great pleasure to announce the first workshop in a series of events at Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl, on Sunday 17 February. I’ve been privileged to experience the magnificent, soul-euphoric sessions at Ambika’s HeartDance sessions in the city and am keen to spread the word on the amazing work she is doing here in Bergen and beyond. It has been a dream to collaborate with her on a project, and here we are!

We are pleased to present a workshop combining dance, movement and yoga. A delicious and sumptuous exploration in creative movement and guided attention which invites us to reconnect naturally and joyfully with our bodies and our hearts.

open arms

Join us for this collaboration between HeartDance and TRY Yoga: Bringing these practices together to strengthen and open our body and mind, develop its elasticity, flexibility and range of movement. We combine elements, exercises and techniques from different movement and mediation practices, emphasizing the passion, enjoyment and liberation in moving from the heart.

We invite you to explore, to connect, to trust and to play… to increase our sensitivity and presence, and to enjoy the simple and natural pleasure of movement. No previous experience required, just come as you are!

Elin Ambika Haugen is a certificated drama teacher from Høgskolen in Oslo. She has been a freelance actress and dancer for more than ten years, in Norway and Israel. Elin has her background in contemporary dance, and is trained in different styles of dance & movement, (such as jazz, yoga, butoh, contact-improvisation, and the five rhythms) For the past seven years she has been practicing mindfulness and meditation.


Her passionate relationship with dance and movement, has developed into HeartDance her own approach to dancing as a natural expression. She has for the last six years held HeartDance classes and workshops.

Dionne Elizabeth is a certified yoga teacher, DJ and writer from the UK.  She holds a twice weekly residency of TRY Yoga classes in Bergen based at Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl, as well as leading a weekly art and yoga event in collaboration with Bergen Kunstmuseum, plus classes at Yogarommet. She also hosts Norway’s first Yoga Disco concept.

Dionne´s dedication to the harbouring of community is evident in her ethos: to make yoga accessible to all. Interweaving her love for music, dance, philosophy and writing, her classes aim to enhance our modern life with honesty, openness and joy. Shy of pigeonholes, she is privileged to study from a range of disciplines over the years and is a passionate yoga student and teacher. Adventures on and off the mat cement her belief that a creative and empowering life is available to everyone and is committed to encouraging her students to expand their perspectives with possibility and intuition.

Join us Sunday the 17th of February, 18.00-20.30, at Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl . Here’s our facebook event.

To register and secure your place, email

Payment: 350kr / 250kr students or clip card holders for TRY Yoga or HeartDance.

Pre-pay to Dionne Elizabeth / bank 1203 91 73059 / marked “Heart”


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