Holiday schedule!

Seasons greetings!

As we head toward the holiday season i wanted to let you know my whereabouts for classes in the week ahead.

Wednesday 14 December
Årstad 20:00 (90)

Thursday 15 December
Fantoft 20:00 (90)

Friday 16 December
SiB Sentrum 07:45 (60)

SiB Sentrum 16:00 (90)

Saturday 17 December
Fantoft 11:00 (60)

Sunday 18 December
Vekter Torget 16:00 (60)

Tuesday 20 December
Yogarommet 18:30 (80)

I will resume teaching week 3, from 16th January 2012 and i am very (very!)  excited to announce a new schedule for new year- stay tuned for details!

THANK YOU to each of you who make time and effort to come to classes! I feel so lucky to spend time with you and you are appreciated. I know that without you, there is no class and understand the time, cost and travel for some. Hearty thanks for your support, always and do stay in touch.

Masses of love!

Dionne x

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