The retreat at Skjerjehamn was for me the best weekend in a very long time, due to the total of it all: the surroundings, the estetique, the art, the beauty: food, rhythm, friendship, respect, humanity, wisdom, care, smile and friendliness. Dionne manages to create positive and including group dynamics in her retreats!

I feel that a session or a retreat with Dionne is an experience that is good for body, mind, soul and spirit. I think she is highly professional- she knows how to teach and tailor yoga to people in a mixed group of people at all levels: from new beginners to experienced yogis.

Dionne is a beatiful soul: she has wisdom of life and wisdom about what it means to be a human. This wisdom makes her a wonderful yoga teacher….just being herself is inspiring. She shines….she is full of love, care and support. And she is creative, with great sense of estetique and offers retreats in beautiful surroundings with lots of beauty in food, music, lightening, activities and yoga.
Veslemøy Solheim

I was lucky enough to start my yoga journey together with Dionne, and I have a great respect and love for her as a teacher and a beautiful person. 

Kunst + Yoga, Photo credit: Vidar Langeland, BA

Photo credit: Vidar Langeland, BA

Yoga with Dionne is truly inspirational, her classes are accessible to everyone — new beginners and advanced yogis. Her enthusiasm  and dedication for yoga, teaching and  sharing with her students really shines through!

Yoga and Creativity Retreat weekend was  a transformative and rich experience for me. I felt so renewed. This location, this community and all the practices have inspired me in a way I have never realized was possible. Thank you so much for your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity in putting together such a wonderful retreat!”
T.G, Yoga & Creativity Retreat
bilder 26

Yoga & Creativity Retreat, Photo credit Vilde Braanaas, Skjerjehamn

I cannot fully express my sincere appreciation for the amount of teaching, sharing and inspiration you provided during the retreat. Your passion for music made the classes enjoyable and awakening after long winter. Thanks to your ability to create safe and friendly atmosphere under the classes a quality of my practice has changed drastically and I am not afraid of challenging myself. I feel grateful for having such a talented and devoted teacher!
Anna, Herosalen, Bergen Barneasyl

Dionne is, hand on my heart, my favorite yoga teacher in Bergen! Finally I found a Yoga teacher who understood that yoga is so much more than just focus on the body. I really like how she build up her classes with working on a goal for yourself. The classes is calming for the mind, however they gives you new energy and helps you get back to yourself in a busy everyday.  

Yoga Disco!

Yoga Disco! Photo credit Vilde Braanaas

 In Dionnes classes you can come as you are, all levels are welcome and she would explain you different variation so you can find your position.

I have also been lucky enough to participate in one of Dionnes Yoga and Creativity Retreat at Skjerjehamn. An entire weekend with loads of yoga, great healthy food and learning to use tools so that you can live the life you want to live.
At last thanks to Dionne Bergen have been introduced to Yoga Disco! I  am gonna miss her classes and inspiring person so much when I move from Bergen in the summer.

Julie Daae, student
I really liked to be away from the routine and have time to think, do yoga, eat healthy food

Yoga in the park

Yoga in the park

and meet new people who have the same interests in life!! During this yoga retreat, i was able to focus on myself, know my body better with its possibilities and limits!!

Aurore, Yoga & Creativity Retreat, Skjerjehamn

 Vidar Langeland, BA

Kunst + Yoga, Photo credit Vidar Langeland, BA

Don’t hesitate to join Dionne´s yoga retreat.  After a weekend with Dionne your muscles heart but your heart is both joyful and at peace.
C. Haugland, Yoga & Creativity Retreat, Skjerjehamn

‘Dionne’s class is both calming and invigorating. She has a natural ability to speak in a easing tone which puts students into ‘relax mode’ instantly. Her teaching style focuses on safe alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement as she guides the class flow from one posture to another. She has a vibrant personality which is reflected in her classes.’

Dr Minaxi Shantilal Gami, London

‘Dionne is a calm and patient teacher and takes time to ensure every move is explained and executed carefully with attention to the little details – this made all the difference. She is encouraging and I felt empowered to do yoga. As I have only had a few lessons in the past and was worried about some of the moves – Dionne was able to guide me and she show me alternatives if I needed something easier to do. As we went she explained the moves and the benefits of the postures – the lesson flowed really well. I would recommend Dionne to anyone for yoga.’

Rebecca Hume, Broadcast Journalist, China Radio International

Image courtesy of Sandra Ječmenica

Yoga in Kunsthall event, Photo credit Sandra Ječmenica

I had been contemplating starting Yoga, but never felt confident enough to be within a group environment where I felt I was out of my depth.   A friend recommended Dionne Elizabeth and knowing my character, felt she would do wonders for my confidence.

Dionne was a true inspiration to my first steps into Yoga.  For me, having a one to one session was such a great way for me to see if I enjoyed Yoga, in fact, it was a “try before you buy” approach.   In all honesty, it is Dionne’s gentle, calming and professional

approach that makes me feel relaxed and encouraged to complete the routine ‘for me’. My confidence has grown. BT1

I would strongly recommend Dionne to any future employer, clients, or personal clients.  I feel a sense of real achievement ~ and Dionne is superb at giving praise and additional support when needed. Her timing and intuition to my emotions are impeccable. It is not easy to express in words just how valuable and important her classes have been.

There can be nothing more important than a patient and caring instructor, helping me to grow and foster my practice of Yoga as well as integrating a healthy lifestyle awareness and understanding of my body.   I look forward to practicing yoga together for many years.’

Mrs Y Stenton, UK

I love Dionne’s classes!! She knows how to transmit positive energy and passion through her teaching. Dionne’s classes are fun and make me look forward to the next


Yoga Christmas Disco at Herosalen

one. ‘

Alfredo Carballes, Cabin Crew, London

Dionne practices yoga with amazing elegance. She is a great and an attentive teacher.’

Kati Virtaal, Birmingham