New to Yoga?

Photo credit: Sandra Ječmenica

Photo credit: Sandra Ječmenica

Yoga is for everybody. However it’s understandable that if you have little or no experience of what it is about,  it might feel a bit intimidating. Starting anything new can be a bit daunting, but remember, everyone was a beginner once!

What can i expect in one of your classes?

I encourage a friendly, welcoming and soothing environment and i´ll probably play music. Or not. You´ll grab your mat, and any props you think you might need (don´t worry, you can also always fetch these should you need them in class!), and make yourself comfortable. Perhaps a good time to take off your socks (we tend to practice barefoot-better grip- but if you have some foot stuff going on it´s ok to wear socks, just take care of you). I tend to have themes for each class, so we´ll have a brief welcome chat and then we will launch into a warm up either on or off the mat and then  pay some attention to the breath (which is encouraged to continue throughout the class). The only thing i request is for you to listen to what you need, to rest when you feel (hell, go to sleep if you feel like it), go with your own flow and most importantly, have fun! I encourage you to play with postures if you´re in the mood, twerk it if you like (i mean twerk in the non-Miley sense but hey, it´s you´re practice, no one´s judging!), add some pizzazz, or perhaps soothe it out with a childs pose. It is your practice, so it´s important you find your own connection. This is YOUR practice, no body elses.

But i can´t touch my toes, i´m so inflexible!

Everybody is able to practice yoga, regardless of whether they can touch their toes or not. If you can breathe, you´re doing great!

But i won´t be able to manoeuvre my body into those mad pretzel shapes i´ve seen in books and Madonna videos!

There´s no expectations in class, and there are always adjustments for any posture available. You can be practicing Yoga sitting on your mat breathing with no pretzels required.

But won´t everybody be looking at me because i´m a beginner and they are all much more advanced than I?

No one will care about looking at you, they will be minding their own practice. However if it helps you to feel more relaxed i´d recommend perhaps taking a place towards the back of the class so you can get a good perspective about what´s going on. And realise that it´s no spectacle. We are all on our own paths of discovery and every practice is different.

If you are interested in building a solid foundation for your practice however, i recommend a beginners course. Perhaps you and some friends would like personal tuition through some of the basics? Contact me for affordable rates.

Ok, ok, then perhaps i´m convinced enough to come. How do i come to one of your classes?

You might want to look at my schedule to see my regularly taught classes to see which suits you best. Or perhaps you´d prefer a private group session, or 1:1? Drop me an email with any questions and i´d be happy to help advise on the best class for you. Look forward to meeting you!

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