Photo Credit: Francesca Alviani

Photo Credit: Francesca Alviani

Hiya! I’m Dionne.

I spend my time sharing yoga and movement techniques, usually combined with music and sometimes saying inappropriate things.

I run projects in various locations including a fro-yo warehouse, art museums, lofts and remote islands doing a range of things like yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

I also DJ and write, and i´m based between Brighton UK and Bergen, Norway. Now and then i play records (or MP3s), sometimes alone, sometimes as Brød & Smør. I´m usually dancing in equal measure. We host silent discos too. Find them here.

Many of you are here for yoga stuffs, so here´s some words about my approach to yoga. You can click on my schedule above to see if i´m lurking near you soon (non creepily). Or you can have a gander at some of my projects here. 

I´m INTERESTED in lots of things. Here are a few:

    • Prince. (Dedicated Pinterest board of some faves mostly featuring him)
    • Animals. Give them to me! Especially if they´re a bit paunchy, and/or talking.
    • Food. Particularly if it´s Caribbean. Don´t tell me what to eat/not eat.
    • What Chilli Wants. Not linked to above. Find it on youtube. Devour in 90s nostalgia and cringy dating show formulae. It´s overtaken Millionaire Matchmaker, but even-Stevens with The Great British Bakeoff (everybody needs their “thing”).
    • Going down YouTube rabbitholes.
    • Art.
    • Music. Too much to mention. Some mixes and playlists scattered all over the shop. I´m on Spotify and Mixcloud on the regular though if you dabble. There´s a link to yoga playlists here.
      I used to do radio thingies with my radio hubster. You can wander down a musty memory lane and find some of them here (features music and loving squabbles).
    • Tea. It´s in the blood.
    • Coconut oil. Also in the blood.
    • the Others. Otherness in all forms. Being mixed race. Living between cultures. Challenging misconceptions. Changing perspectives. Changing the menu.
    • Tumblr. One of my other homes. Find a condensed jam of most things in this list.
    • Yoga-movement-dance in the bathroom. In fact, yoga-movement-dance anywhere!
    • Gordon Ramsay. Don´t ask. ok then, it´s in his delivery.
    • Mariah (Mimi) Carey. As above.
    • Eartha Kitt. (What a woman).
    • Film watching and making. Fave films which are forever changing and include: Purple Rain (obvs), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Frida, Caché, Ex Machina, Moloch Tropical, Julie and Julia, Bad Education (2004), The Motorcycle Diaries (there´s a theme there), Fish Tank, The Interrupters, Ratatouille, everything by Mike Leigh, 90s r&b music videos….
    • Social justice.
    • Writing about any/all of the above.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,
    Iam a journalist by proffession moved to bergen last year. Iam from India and teach yoga. Iam writing my first novel which is expected to be completed within a month. I would like to get in touch with you. Advise me please.

  2. Hey Dionne =)

    I used to take your yoga classes at SIB, and I loved them! I have learned so much about yoga and life. I used to study something I did not enjoy, because I thought that was what I “needed” to do. During that year of school, I look forward to your yoga classes; Thought of them as my time to recharge my positive energy. So, I want to thank you for……being you! =)

    For bringing your lively, positive and open spirit to your yoga classes. For shearing your experiences in life and your knowledge. For telling your class that we are perfect just the way we are =D” I always went out of your class feeling perfect =) happy about myself… ~ in peace with myself.

    I am now chasing my dreams~I don’t know if I will reach them, but I feel happy anyway =) Because I am listening to my body~ my heart and mind; Im listening to what I want! and that feels great… Thank you for teaching me how to listen”

    I wish you all the luck on your new projects =)
    May your life be filled with love and happiness”~

    Thankful regards form a person you have inspired and encouraged;


  3. Dione, fab class yesterday at the Om Yoga Show in Manchester. You were brilliant just like the beautiful lighting and music.
    Regards Stella
    Ps Robin will be in touch (Footballer in Norway) xxx

    • Stella! SO great to meet you in Manchester! Hope to see you soon and look forward to speaking to Robin 🙂 Big hug you amazing woman! x x x

  4. Hei Hei
    I am a student from the Netherlands but currently studying in Bergen and I love love yoga and am looking for a class to go to, could you help me possibly?

    • Hei Sarah, i´m afraid i´m not on the ground as yet so best advice is to try and try! If you´re interested in coming to my sessions, i´ll be returning to Bergen at the end of the month – please check my blog or schedule where you can get all the details. Enjoy Bergen! 🙂

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