Lick Yoga Disco, Brighton UK, November 2014

Yoga Disco, Bergen, Norway, August 2014

Chair Yoga

Alternative Downward Facing Dog Practice

Yoga Disco at The Yoga Show, Manchester 2014

Yoga Day Retreat at Lysøen, Norway 2014

Outdoor Yoga in Bergen, Norway 2014

Yoga Day Retreat at Siljustøl, Norway 2014

Yoga Day Retreat at Troldhaugen, Norway 2014

Yoga Disco Winter 2013

ART + Yoga @ KODE (Art Museums of Yoga)

Yoga with live music – Hang drum bliss party!

Yoga & Creativity Retreat preparations

ART + Yoga @ KODE (Art Museums of Yoga)

ART + Yoga @ KODE (Art Museums of Yoga)

OM Yoga Show London disco preparations

TRY twisting, playful detoxing practice

Funtimes in the garden!

TRY Sleepytime breather

It´s far too late but unhinged and caffeine-toxicated she thought it would be a good idea to make a video. Why not eh? Here´s a relaxation technique i use regularly to help find balance, restore, calm things down, great any time of day if you could use some centering, grounding and calming.
Note: if you´re in bed and need to sleep, try lying on your right side, closing your right nostril and breathing through your left nostril alone.
Caution: Pranayama practice recommended on an empty stomach, and don´t force it if you´re congested. Avoid holding your breath if suffering from high blood pressure.

Please excuse the dorkyness and the back to front instruction, let´s pretend we´re in a mystical universe. Sleep/rest/chill well darlings! xx

TRY Spring Yoga – Loosen up the hips

It is spring! How pleasing! To celebrate i got down in nature to share a little hip-opening, leg-strengthening, spine-unravelling sequence which eases tension and tightness and is “groovy” at any time of day. Our journey takes us from childs pose, via cat/cow to split dog, runners lunge, warrior II, reverse warrior, extended side angle and back into childs pose. A couple of vinyasas added for good (heat) measure.
Enjoy sweet doves!

TRY Yoga – Leg, back and hip saver

Legs and back got you all tight and stiff? Release them, plus hips in a little dip into Trikonasana (triangle pose) with Paschimottasana (wide legged forward bend) thrown in for good measure. Go on, take a break from the desk and have a go. Don´t be shy. Space is the place. Release and respect yo´self! x

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