We had a few features for our silent disco in the art museum in Bergen, Norway. Here are some of those:

BT came along to create a video report which was LOTS of fun!

BT report on Silent Disco at KODE

STUDENT RADIO BERGEN made a report with interviews, pictures and audio via this link!

STUDVEST made an amazing video and write up of the event which you can read here!

Silent Art Disco at KODE, image via Studvest

Silent Art Disco at KODE, image via Studvest

silent art disco kode bergen feb

brød og smør

Image via KODE Bergen

I´m on the Lick Blog! Thanks Lick! lick blog feature

Link to post here!

om yoga magazine yoga disco

Yoga Disco in OM Yoga Magazine (for the Yoga Show)

Art + Yoga in the news, Bergens Tidende

All things must pass // tips for beating the winter blues . Folk Magazine 

Yoga day retreat in Stord, Sunnhordland News

Yoga Disco in the news

BT Vestlendingen feature, BT Magazine and online

Håkon Kise and crew dropped by to a KUNST + Yoga session at KODE Bergen to investigate what this art yoga project thing is all about. He speaks to Britt and Dionne about Death, Love and Yoga.

KUNST + Yoga in the news, BA feature

Outdoor yoga in Bergen, Bergens Tidende

Studvest // Yoga in Bergen Universities

Published articles

Gaiam – Bottom´s Up! (aka the sweet spot) (plus playlist) 

Gaiam – On Staying Open (plus playlist)

Gaiam – The Forbidden City of the Heart (plus playlist) 

Gaiam – Raw vegan energy balls recipe

Teachasana – On: Yoga Playlists

BT4 BT3 BT2 BA press 09 June 2012

dionne yoga stord 2014-03-31 13.15.59-1

kunst yoga

kunst + yoga dionne press kultura medier

click photo for full article

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