Psst! Over here! (it me!)

Oy oy! How ARE you babes?! It’s been one hell of a metamorpheisis! Well, isn’t life just that? I hope so at least, want to keep growing in this life. Stagnancy isn’t appealing. Freedom has and always will be my bag. Dug this dear old blog out from the cupboard, dusted her off and thought i’d […]

NEW SITE: Changing the Menu!

Yoga // MUSIC + MOVEMENT this Sunday @ Patterns, Brighton ✨💜🔵🔶🔺🎶🏃

Lately: Jason Crandell Advanced Teacher Training

“new year, new me” – A story about not running away, logged 8th January 2015.

Lick Yoga Brighton returns tomorrow!

Seasons Greetings! (+ festive megamix)

Under the weather? Some (updated) tips and tricks!

✨💙🔸✨healing🌅place✨🔹💛✨ Been totes exhausted this week and of course being run down meant I caught a cold. 👎😞 *cue raspberry claxon* So many remedies and lots of rest- finally starting to feel more myself again. Know I haven’t been alone in this grotty period so if you have any tips or remedies that you recommend, […]