Lately: Studies in Self Care and Good Feelings! (plus pics)

Hiya! Hope this finds you well and happy, if not, I hope you feel better soon. I´ve missed lurking on here, connecting with folks. Have felt the need to explain my absence from here for some time. I´ve been moving through some health-related stuff, but happy to say i´m on the road to recovery. Glad to […]

A letter to Bergen and surrounding area, part 2

Lately// 10 things i learned about advanced yoga teacher training + London/Brighton life photo roundup

Hiya loves! Hope you´re well and good! I´m finally back in Brighton following my advanced yoga teacher training course in London with Jason Crandell and it´s been an amazing and intense journey! Have missed you lots and i´m really excited to share a bit of a roundup plus some of the many things i´ve learned […]

Shh! Introducing the Secret Lick Yoga Club!

NEWSFLASH: Brighton Summer Retreat (official) announcement!

Brighton Summer Retreat?

Newsflash: Yoga Day Retreat @ KODE Bergen!

Thank you, Bergen!

Introducing: The Skype Sessions!

Newsflash: Upcoming events in Bergen, Norway!