Online event: encyclopaedia of pleasure // zine making + embodiment workshop ✨

Lately: Studies in Self Care and Good Feelings! (plus pics)

Hiya! Hope this finds you well and happy, if not, I hope you feel better soon. I´ve missed lurking on here, connecting with folks. Have felt the need to explain my absence from here for some time. I´ve been moving through some health-related stuff, but happy to say i´m on the road to recovery. Glad to […]

NEWSFLASH: Brighton Summer Retreat (official) announcement!

Sound advice: It starts (and ends) with you…lessons on being alone

Yoga Disco // a photo series by Francesca Alviani

Space is the Place // a word or two on being a spacemaker

Yoga Day Retreat at Lysøen // Pictures and Video!

On: The Yoga Thing // Reframing. Realigning. Always.

Often i´m asked about where i stand when it comes to defining “my style of yoga”. It´s a question i stumble on and i have a lot of thoughts about. Approaching this enquiry frequently throws up a number of different angles so i have to try to offer a response that is clear and somewhat […]

Breaking the radio silence

Yoga Seaside City Retreat in Brighton // 2 – 5 August 2013