New video: Balance + ease (hands free flow)

Welcome! Today we’re going to focus on the lower body with emphasis on our feet and ankles, but we may well get a “bonus experience” with our knees, hips and maybe into the spine and shoulders too so it’s going to be journey 🌴from the ground up! 🌴- you know how i roll my friends! – those of you who have been riding with me for the last…almost 11 years now doing this – thank you!

Really hope this serves you and is a reminder that all parts of you are welcome to the practice and this corner of the internets! As always, let me know how you go!

PS experimenting with new sound after all these years hoping to make it happen! shoutout to more affordable tech eh? 10 years in- we did it, Joe! it was my first time trying it out so i hope i can improve with time as i get used to it but – hope it’s better? is it better 4u?

dionne 💜

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🎾 Foot massage with tennis ball video i mentioned

🐒Magical monkey claw video i mentioned

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