New podcast: Reflecting on my 40th year! Explorations in ageing 🌺 i feel for you podcast episode 72

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This episode is based on a piece i wrote 16th February 2021 and was reflecting on my 40th year, pondering why i get energised around my birthday, and wondering whether fear was motivating me. So we talk about ageing. And societal pressures as we grow older, and i share some insights gained from trauma-i mean “learning moments and experiences” i’ve had on the journey. Lol.

I hope you’ll find it an uplifting and hopeful episode. You can find the shownotes here (with the recommended reading list 📚) and the transcript here!
With love and thanks for listening.

From this 41 year old by the time you hear this!
Thanks for supporting the show!

Dionne x



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