Psst! Over here! (it me!)

Oy oy!

How ARE you babes?!

It’s been one hell of a metamorpheisis! Well, isn’t life just that?
I hope so at least, want to keep growing in this life. Stagnancy isn’t appealing. Freedom has and always will be my bag.

Dug this dear old blog out from the cupboard, dusted her off and thought i’d update you on where you can find me lurking these days!

Sidenote and pondering moment: …I miss wordpress, never wanted to leave tbh cause: the community of course! But as all of these platforms change and adjust (and i’ve been around since the advent of the internet and subsequent social media platforms that have come and gone…) i’m curious: how you digest your “content” these days. …They’re calling it content these days, right? I still dig Feedly for staying in touch with the blogs i love. What about you?

Anyhoo! —- i’ve never said that word before plus – rhymes!

Find my digital (and current) blog home here:

And my most recent blog!

You’ll probably be able to see the continuation of this journey over there by heading to my project portfolio.

Or sign up to my Digest! It’s a weekly love letter, babes. Yes!

Or see what i’m up to now – mostly as a creative and wellness coach working 1-1 with breathtakingly excellent humans. See how to work with me here!

And links to my yoga + creativity events here! It’s ALL connected babes.

I have a podcast too, which you can access here:

I’m still djing too. Some of my music stuff is here. You can hire me to put on a shindig full of pizzaz, anywhere on this planet. Well, i might draw the line north of Bodø midwinter tbh…

And socials can be gathered from the links you already have but to save your pretty eyes:



facebook page

There’s more but perhaps the best way to get updates immediately is to subscribe to my Digest – if you feel like it, obvs!

So come visit me eh?

Update me on all your things! …i’ve missed you!

Love galore!

dionne x

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