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Most of you know i´m not “only” “teaching” “yoga”, and that many of the other projects I do cross over to classes in lots of ways. For many years now, Ketil and I have been collaborating, so we thought, let´s make a space on the internet where folks can dip a toe in, swim around if they vibe. So we´ll be sharing stuff related to yoga, music, film, life, – basically anything that inspires our work in arts and wellness.

Also, many of you who have been to classes know, so much of my teaching is inspired by all kinds of stuff. Planning classes isn´t (at least for me) about plucking out some poses here and there or regurgitating a sequence. That´s totally fine though, for those who do that. Whatever works. It´s just…I guess I can´t separate life from practice, so i needed to “change the menu” so to speak.

More about that in our manifesto.

Changing the Menu will still be home for our yoga and creative movement events, so even though we have a new umbrella name for all our projects, you will still find our upcoming Lick Yoga classes, Yoga at H.en, Brighton Retreats and all the rest there.

Boy, we’ve done quite a lot of art and wellness events in the past, and it is nice to finally collect all the pictures, videos, mixxxtapes and writing in one corner of the internet.

Looking forward to sharing more events, writing and inspiration with you in the future!


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