Brighton Summer Retreat 2015 – Film and Pictures!

Brighton Summer Retreat 1

Group shot! ❤

Upside down for a bit!

Upside down for a bit!

Brighton Summer Retreat 2

At risk of drowning this post with mainly utterly delicious food pictures, we edited it to just a couple 🙂

Brighton Summer Retreat 3

Adventures abound in the summer sun

Safety first - check!

Safety first – check!

Brighton Summer Retreat 5

Born ready on his steed

Brighton Summer Retreat 6


Brighton Summer Retreat 7

Vi er på gang!

Brighton Summer Retreat 8


Brighton Summer Retreat 9

Plotting the afternoon adventure to Rottingdean

Brighton Summer Retreat 10


Brighton Summer Retreat 11

Saturday lunch preparations!

Brighton Summer Retreat 12


So so so so so many good vibes! Still high from an amazing few days with some equally amazing people who joined us in Brighton for our Summer Retreat. ❤ 

It was: Elderflower and bunting and yoga and rainbows and cake and movement and seagulls and Pride and massages and seagulls and picnics and bike rides and raw chocolate highs and exploring and Indian food and bistros and essential oils and Frida and coffee and sunflowers and smoothies and flat whites (or is it milky whites?) and gingham and street parties and stillness and coconut oil and sun baking and vintage shopping and lazy breakfasts and cliffs and the pub and books and laying by the fans and orange fedoras and beanbags and sunny days and the seaside and celebrating each other!

And it was SO NICE!

Our fave therapist and bodyworker Liz joined us for a couple of days too and gave some deeply wonderful treatments. We´re grateful for her and she loved being a part of the Retreat.

Ketil and i were really happy to share some of our fave recipes in a lunch prepared in the Warehouse. It included Ketil´s world famous pie! Scoffs galore!

It was a pleasure to share our favourite parts of the city and also some treasures off the beaten track. Most of all it was wonderful to connect with each of these gems, creating memories i´ll treasure for a long time.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it so special!

Ketil made a film of our adventures which you can watch below – thanks Finemann!

If you´re interested in joining our upcoming retreats, drop me a mail! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Love, dionne & Ketil x x

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