A letter to Bergen and surrounding area, part 2


You know who you are! hundreds or thousands of miles away!

Hiya love,

Hope this reaches you well, wherever you might be and you´ve enjoyed your pinse break! In fact, hope your May is spiffing, know it´s a busy and exciting month for so many, plus, well, spring in Bergen right?CIMG4152art and yoga china

Thought i´d write you a letter to update you on some bits and bobs.

Firstly, I miss you, and I miss the vibes of the people I meet in classes and at events in the city. Although you´re out of sight, you´re not out of mind (for one day!).

I´ve tried my best to be back as frequently as possible, where finances can enable us to make the trip, and also, where circumstances have allowed.

I´ve been so lucky to have such a willing and loyal gang of people who support so many projects I share, and I hope you realise I appreciate you so hope you feel that like a really koselig pålegg….


It´s been a challenging year. A lot of bereavement. Some illness and the wonderful return of crippling anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Hmm.

But, I must paint the full picture. That there has been a silver lining to the weighty cloud. I´ve been lucky to go deep into studies and yoga teacher training this year. I´ve shared with many of you my interests in yoga in relation to trauma and mental health. Although unpleasant, managing my own struggles with anxiety disorder has lead me to go deeper into understanding the mechanics and neuroscientific developments, and also the many methods of working to manage what is going on.

It´s enabled me to meet many people in this field, whether on supporting perspective, or those who are moving through their own journey. It´s reinforced many thoughts and feelings i´ve had about why I chose and choose to do the work I do: to offer tools and techniques to people to connect to and empower themselves. It´s stoked my fire and clarified my focus. It´s also made me even more aware of the work there is to do in challenging the taboos of mental illness.

So yes, that I suppose has been my journey over the last few months.


glitterdust and love

glitterdust and love (i.e. hope!)

Why am I sharing this?

Well, I feel it´s important to be frank and clear and keep you posted on my whereabouts. I get a lot of mails asking when i´ll be back and want to offer something from my side. I also hope that anyone who is struggling with mental health related issues of their own might find courage to seek help and support to feel better. To acknowledge what´s there is a big deal in stepping towards healing, so for anyone who needed that, i´m sending you a hug of encouragement


Anyway. Many of you who receive my newsletters know that the last couple of months i´ve been trying to plan trips to return to Bergen in May and June. May was a bit of a write off (National day bonanzas, exams, etc so understand it´s a big month in Norway!) so focus has been on the June trip which is due to happen next weekend.art + yoga kunst + yoga

Ketil and I are budgeting every day and have been working on securing space and nods of agreement for project logistics, however as we´re still awaiting a few confirmations, we have to bite the bullet and decide, so we´re not keeping people waiting and so we can also know where we stand.

Alas, it seems at the moment, we aren´t able to afford the trip next week.

I´m so sorry to let anyone down, but hope you will bear with us during this time and trust we are working on ways to reach you.

I also appreciate so many of you that mailed and messaged me regarding dates you were around and letting me know you were up for it. I was truly looking forward to seeing you and hope you understand.


As June is therefore off the cards, we´re looking ahead and have concrete plans to return to offer events in Bergen in August and September 2015 – hope that you will be up for that and also that it´s some consolation.

Dates for your diary are: uke 34 & uke 37

Also if you happen to be in Oslo, i´ll be at the Movementarts festival too (uke 34)

A few of you are coming to join us in Brighton in August for our Summer retreat and we´re deeply excited for that.brighton autumn retreat

You may know that we´re planning to host a Brighton Autumn Retreat in October (høstferie, uke 41). As the previous retreat sold out so quickly in advance, we were asked for another and hope this is useful!

We have an “early bird” discount offer for those of you who want to come, you can read about that here or just drop me a message:::::

So, lots to look forward to!


Phew, was a big one, but hope that gives you some insight and updates you on a few things. I hope all of that information wasn´t overload, and that these words in some way explain why I´m unable to make it over next week.

It´s defo not for want of trying and i´m already looking forward to August and hopefully seeing many of you again soon, either in Bergen, Oslo or Brighton.

Sending you love galore and a big squeeze of appreciation.

You are cherished.

Dionne (and Ketil gives his approving nod too)

X x x x

ps a “Love is Contageous” mix i´ve been listening to lately. It´s filled with love (not sexual you understand) but rather pining and sweetness.

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