Lately// 10 things i learned about advanced yoga teacher training + London/Brighton life photo roundup

Hiya loves! Hope you´re well and good! I´m finally back in Brighton following my advanced yoga teacher training course in London with Jason Crandell and it´s been an amazing and intense journey! Have missed you lots and i´m really excited to share a bit of a roundup plus some of the many things i´ve learned along the way! Things i learned 1) It´s easy to feel apprehensive when entering an intense situation. To make stories of dreadful things that might happen in your head. To worry about money/workload/people. To fear you won´t be good enough/ worthy enough /enough. I recommend letting yourself ride out your anxiety to the tune of Prince´s “Let´s Go Crazy” (and really let that guitar solo ending penetrate your deepest concerns), take a deep breath, and step forward with a big smile and non-clenched fists. You´ll be ok! Really you will! 2) It´s not worth running for a tube, accidentally dropping (and smashing) your phone because the tube might (probably) be closed anyway or the train station is likely to shut down and leave you stranded due to a bomb scare (true story). So take your time. And a deep breath. Plus a chill pill. And enjoy the ride. 3) Make time in the mornings- no matter how early you get up. Eat a good breakfast (and sip coffee if that´s your bag) and leave room to walk comfortably someplace carrying all your crap. A day that starts running, sweating and panting onto a packed train isn´t the best prelude. 4) I kind of already knew this but food is the king of things. Because food is wonderful and gives as energy and delight. Eat enough of it. 5) I knew this too but coffee is my friend, like a really really good friend that has helped me out in all kinds of situations, and made me some lovely other (real people) friends too. 6) Trust your vibes cos they don´t lie! 7) Anatomy studies are still a never-ending pool of fascination. And i´m still squeamish. But equally fascinated. 8) Everyone has their stuff. Allow space (not excuses) for it. Don´t get swept into the drama. 9) Epsom salt baths still RULE post-intense-yoga-days and pre-bedtime rituals. Believe in the power of magnesium! 10) Sometimes, you just have to take a risk and follow your dreams. You might not know how the hell you will ever make that thing happen, but taking a leap of faith and trusting yourself is the best thing you can do. Promise! Here´s a few pictures from the last few weeks! ***************************** Before the course, Meg was over from Paris! Glorious Megumi! I´m also drinking coffee to “soothe my nerves”. HAH! meg visiting from Paris Then it was up to the smoke to start the intensive. Back to the old stomping ground of Soho (my, it´s changing so much these days!)tri yoga soho And deep into training mode with Jason we go! Tina snapped this one of us getting acquainted with our Plantar fascia and hamstrings! (not showing off lingo – was really a “thing”)

image via Tina Wirth

image via Tina Wirth

Here we are learning about hand architecture and how to tame a waning elbow as we deconstruct scorpion pose!  jason crandell advanced teacher training london (Obligatory handstand scorpion prep picture with obligatory “hand architecture”) The loveliest Katrina was assisting me and arranged this impromptu “shoot” with Karen!

scorpion handstand prep

Picture via the radiant Karen

Thanks for having my back you guys!

Thanks for having my back you guys!

Pelvis study with this amazing app (think it´s called Essential Anatomy!) Pelvis study Our slightly decrepit but very sweet skeleton friend! skeleton Of course there´s time for a selfie (and meta picture situation). Thanks for the pic, Tina! Already missing these guys!

jason crandell advance teacher training via Jasmine

Image via Tina Wirth

Afternoon sessions at the training were sponsored by my (still) fave coffee shop in Soho – Fernandez & Wells (where just like previous trainings, i´d often run into Mr Crandell getting his fix in. He´s a man of good taste!) Pic via Lyndon´s Coffee blog! Fernandez and Wells The commute was quite interesting averaging around 4 hours a day. Although tiring it gave me time to write and study (yeah, yeah i know but i love it) and to observe in wonder how there are many people in the world that do this journey every day for YEARS! Here´s some fun snaps of that:commute oxford circus commute commute bus to haywards heath commute mornings It was always interesting – an opportunity to meet people on my travels. And to watch the sun rise and set most days. Plus there were some beautiful sights on those journeys (yeah even beyond the inside of a bus, rail and tube stations)…Like the view approaching and leaving Victoria…This one was taken by the amazing Ellen Fife! train views And when Oxford Circus tube was closed (most days) i was treated to glorious bonus walks through Green Park in all it´s glory! And observed so many champagne picnics darling! *hearts and flowers emoji* green park daffodilsgreen park daffodils 3 And somedays, i made it home just in time for sunset which was majestic (always).home in time for sunset Back in Brighton on days off for maximum beach/park time with horizontal appreciation! Plus lots of coconut yogurt which is my new fave thing thanks to adventures in Whole Foods with Frankie and Michael – “adventures” basically meant us going to every food testing table we could find in the store and trying everything we possibly could. Happy days! brighton beachside brighton beach again back in brighton brighton beach seaside day off on the beach day off with fine on the beach day off in Brighton horizontal garden appreciationblossom courtside Caribbean food is always a good idea on your day off. Here´s a mighty pleasure truck in Hove (just off George Street if you´re local!) peace is a state of mind 2 And in the same viscinity, some words of advice from a noble pigeon: peace is a state of mind It´s been an amazing time. Lots of journeys, plus one big one. 100 hours of intense and incredible training with Jason Crandell. Still pinching myself at how lucky i am to have that opportunity. Here´s to digesting that and sharing in classes really soon! Here i am “digesting”: brighton 1Sending you a gallon of love, wherever you are, and hope to see you soon! x

5 thoughts on “Lately// 10 things i learned about advanced yoga teacher training + London/Brighton life photo roundup

  1. Dionne! it’s soooo lovely to see all those pics and read your stories – and learn that you’re doing great. special thanks for London and Brighton – j’adore these places ^________^

    it’s Nastya from Russia, who plunged into yoga with you in Bergen in 2011 🙂

  2. Darling Dionne! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and experiences, I feel somehow then I have met you a little these days even though you are far away! Sending you tremendous lots of love with all my heart. Xxxxxx

  3. Hi Dionne I loved your Teacher training story – it took me right back there x your photos are beautiful x hope to see you in August x love Anne

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