Lately: Jason Crandell Advanced Teacher Training

jason crandell advanced teacher training london

Hiya! Hope you’re swell and taking care of you on these balmy spring (summer?!) days!

I’m almost at the end of the first module in my advanced teacher training with (king) Jason Crandell and it’s intense, nourishing and marvellous with lots of “ah-ha’s” (not the band!) and jam packed full days in London.

Have spent a lot of time in the “incubator” as he calls it, with Jason (of course), also a slightly decrepit skeleton friend and many amazing people

I’m being challenged to unpick and examine detailed anatomy, theraputics, sequencing and philosophy around yoga which has been brilliant! I also love that he champions us to use our own voices (which many of you understand is dear to my heart) “do you, boo!”

I’m also being challenged with 4 hour daily commutes -but it is so worth it to be able to do this (p..s. Commuters, you have my upmost respect in your endurance and adaptability!)

Really looking forward to putting these discoveries into practice very soon both in Bergen and Brighton!

Lick Yoga gang! Miss you lot terribly and have pangs in my belly but not long until we meet again. Likely I’ll send out an update on classes (regular community class plus the secret yoga sessions) at the end of this week!

Bergen fine folks! Thank you so much for all your glorious messages and emails about dates and lovely things! Can’t wait to see you again and looking at dates in May we can make happen (obvs not 17 mai! )
Considering weekend of 8/9 mai- let me know if that floats your boat! I will finalise very soon and let you know ASAP! Thank you for your patience on this one!

Lastly – Shout out to my fella who is number 1 Epsom salt bath-running hero and feeds me like nobody’s business – takk, Finemann! To The Worms too- salutes!

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