Sound advice: Life lessons from Milly the dog!

here's Milly in all her regal wisdom and me as her willing and eager servant. Happily. 💖

here’s Milly in all her regal wisdom and me as her willing and eager servant. Happily. 💖

So, we´re looking after our lovely neighbours dog. Her name is Millie and she´s the greatest. Have been indulging in lots of play and fun in the park and on the beach. The thing about dogs is, like most animals, they have the ability to constantly remind us to be in the present moment. No moping or dwelling on worrisome thoughts, instead a more vivacious and gregarious attitude to the magic of life in each moment.

Actually, they are endless sources of wisdom. Here´s what Millie taught me:

1) Live in the moment. Always! ☝️✨

2) Seek joy, fun and play in everything! 🎉

3) Meeting others can lead to a beautiful (albeit bottom-sniffing) delight….or not. And that´s ok! 🐶🐩🐾

4) Attention is always given to the present moment and – SQUIRREL!!!💨

5) There ´s endless amounts of love to give! Unlimited supply!💕💕💕

6) And there´s ALWAYS a good time for a walk!🚶👍

7) If you´re a bit scared (of a big dog or a big problem), you can always seek help and curl up on someone´s lap.😰🔀😊🆗

8) Even though birds seem out of reach and impossible to catch, go after them anyway!🐦🏃

9) Never be afraid to explore new territories!🙌

10) Make your mark / scent on the world!💩(sorry)

Thank you  Millie, for your joy and wisdom! 🐾

Endless gratitude,

Love from me x💗 ps here´s my fave time of day: Milly about to head out for a walk and almost unable to contain her excitement!

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