Under the weather? Some (updated) tips and tricks!

healing brighton


Been totes exhausted this week and of course being run down meant I caught a cold. 👎😞 *cue raspberry claxon* So many remedies and lots of rest- finally starting to feel more myself again.
Know I haven’t been alone in this grotty period so if you have any tips or remedies that you recommend, please plonk them below so we can share the healing love! I’ll start the ball rolling:

🔸REST! (cannot emphasise this enough). Forfeited meeting loved ones this weekend so I could really kick the bug. As annoying as it is to miss fun things, and as hard as it is for some of us to do, taking time to heal has sped up the process of being well again.
🔸 Avoiding stress where possible!⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
🔹 I take warm water and lemon every morning when i wake up. I double the dose of lemon when i feel a little run down.
🔹 Adding lemon to green tea
🔸doubling the dose of my echinacea drops at the first sign,
🔸vitamin b mix (particularly b12) has been useful when i needed to travel to work in Norway. always worth consulting with a doctor/holistic therapist/nutritionist to see where you might be able to benefit from suppliments.
🔹magnesium galore! supplement or (my favourite) epsom salt bath soak for at least 20 minutes. Add a few drops of chosen essential oil – i enjoy a mix, if it´s before bed, frankincense and lavender with a dash of bergamot.
🔹 more garlic, ginger, turmeric and any anti inflammatory and antioxidant foods/juice
🔸 vitamin c, plus small doses of zinc during cold
🔹  gargling! salt water is a good ´un – and cheap!
🔹 find avoiding dairy when I have a cold works well for me but it´s a personal thing!
🔸turmeric nut milk recipe has been a fave autumn addition
🔸 tend to lay well off my physical yoga practice and rest as much as possible. today as i was feeling a bit better i took kundalini style breath of fire through my left nostril which really, um, cleared things out, if you know what I mean(!) -side note- blow, don’t swallow!
🔸warm fluids galore (who would have thought it possible to drink even more tea than I already do?!…I can affirm it’s possible!) and avoid coffee (I know.😒 )
🔸watching 90s pop clips on YouTube (interviews with Jamiroquai, Mariah Carey and New Kids on the Block are great)
🔸watching animal videos on YouTube particularly lil bub plus dogs who can’t catch (thank you for sending it to me Matthew) and marnie the dog
🔹watching other stuff! time to indulge my friend. Recent discoveries have been:
🔹 Peep Show from series 1 (omg! I’d never seen it- can you believe it! cringe nation!)
🔹 the web series High Maintenance – omg. double cringe.
🔹 copious amounts of old moody french movies (and some more recent ones too – Rust & Bone particularly worthy of a mention)
That’s all for now, share below if you have some tips and tricks! I’ll compile a blog post (and credit you) so hopefully others can benefit!

Love and healthy vibes 💖

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