Yoga Recipe: Low back grounding sequence! plus kitten!

Hi darlings!

Here´s a little sequence for you that i often use in my home practice as well as in classes. I find it really useful any time of day to get grounded. If i´m feeling stiff and grumbly in the mornings it´s a winner, as well as being able to create a chapter between the working day and bedworld. I find it helps me connect my low back as well as plug my legs into their sockets. You know what i mean. Well, you might after this!

Instructions are below!

Low back sequence

Pre pose: Start by laying on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor. Keep the natural curves in your spine. Feel the outline of your feet on the ground and gradually add weight evenly through your feet. Experiment with this, and see if you can find that sweet spot that helps quieten the low back. Connect to your breath and take a moment here. Feels good right? Ish?

1) Bend your right knee, hug it into your chest then extend it up into the air interlacing your fingers behind your thigh. You can keep the left foot on the floor or…

2) …extend it out in front of you. If the left leg is extended, try to make it heavy as if a kitten in a basket were resting on your thigh. And you don´t have allergies. Try to keep the back of your shoulders and head on the floor. And try not to grimace. If you´re grimacing, back off and re-bend your left knee and take the foot to the floor.

3) If you have more room, try “walking” your hands towards your right ankle. If you grimace again, try backing off until you find a place that is somewhat comfortable. Hold for 10 breaths.

4) Bend both knees and hug them in. Repeat other side.

Let me know how it goes. Sweet spine love to you!


dionne xx

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