Lately & some dollops of inspiration (music and pictures mostly) x

It´s been a  little bit since sharing on here. Playing with various dungeons (not that kind!) on social media and figuring out where i like to dwell best. but here feels home.

thought i´d plop some bits and bobs in here to share what´s been floating my boat these last few weeks. featured are songs you´ve probably heard if you´ve been along to some classes, or if i´ve seen you, dollops of inspiration that i´ve enjoyed smearing in my face. hope they serve you well.

loads of love always, more updates soon x

Let´s ease into Monday shall we?

How To Dress Well always delivers

Jean Michel Basquiat – rolling with his paints and tea. this is the kind of vibe i try to recreate when making visionboards.

jean michel basquiat
…speaking of hot drinks, a couple of weeks ago Ethel and i went out to see some friends of ours. my old radio husband was djing and he played this and most of the pub erupted in delicate euphoria. so i´ve been playing it in class ever since.

I´ve been doing a lot of sacroiliac work as well as romancing the psoas (clearly unedited sharing today) and found this post was a great way of collating many interesting points, for those of you who teach or practice yoga at home or in class!

was sad to hear of Bobby Womack and Meshach Taylor passing this week. reflecting and appreciating their lives and what they shared.


Bobby Womack

feeling a little strange about how to respond to grief via social media. i guess it´s all a learning curve we´re attempting to navigate.

whilst we´re delving in this direction, feels appropriate to mention a brilliant book i´ve been inhaling over the last few weeks:

been having some hearty conversations about emotions and attempting to write something on it which i´ll share soon. it´s an area i find fascinating, absorbing and inspiring.

moving on to more sounds, was so pleased to hear this cover of one of my fave 80s songs. it´s also a lot easier to slip it into yoga class playlists. delicious.

and for good measure, the groove in it´s full glory. lead singer and her stoic vibes:

what else? oh. seems legit to put this in as i went to see him play last week. legend. hashtag “that suit!”


are we good?


hope so!

speak soon, love dionne x

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