Manchester! We´re coming for you!

yoga show manchester

yoga show manchester

NEXT EVENT: Om Yoga Show Manchester, 10.5. 2014

Date/Time: Saturday 10 May, 18:00 -19:30

Area: Workshop room 1

Price: £10

Link to purchase tickets here:
Panther Panther!

SO EXCITED!!! We are really happy to announce a very special guest for our Yoga Disco at The Yoga Show in Manchester on Saturday! AV artist and musician Panther Panther who will be doing his rapturous thing on the visuals! What a treat indeed! Looking forward to this so much! See him in action below!  We kick off at 6pm, more info here (tickets still available on the door), otherwise looking forward to seeing you there!

For details of our previous event at the Om Yoga Show London, click here.

For a free mix and pictures from previous events click here and  here.

Hope to see you there! x


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