Breaking the radio silence

This month, we have moved 11 times and are in the transition of moving from Norway to the UK. This week, we have another 5 moves to go until we can finally enjoy landing in a new home. I have never experienced the feeling of wanting to “settle” and grow roots somewhere before.
I grew up a nomad, 20 different schools, changing countries, being used to the spontaneity and reality of change, but never have I wanted a base as much as I do now. To establish a home, whatever that means (to me, a bed, a kitchen, a desk and some floor space) and from that place be able to continue with more studies and inspiration and travel to others continuing projects in Norway and beyond.

My dream was to make it work in both places. And that still holds.

In this time of constant transition, I am grateful for many things.
I am grateful for the fact that no day is ever boring.
For people that are kind and wonderful.
For taxis that look at our luggage and shake their head but (bar one that drove off!) cram it in and help us anyway.
For the variation of budget hotels that exist.
For suitcases that haven’t given up on us yet despite us loading them up above and beyond the call of duty.
For Finemann.
For dear family and friends that have done the same and being utterly amazing.
For The Worms for their endless support and packing skills (and Mworm taking us down when another storm and train delays were our other option).
For Ideya offering a kitchen that produces wonderful and nourishing food and juice when we don’t have one (they don’t pay me to write that!)
For my yoga and meditation practice, oh man, my yoga practice which saves my body, mind, spirit and keeps the crazy reality in perspective (Can i give a particular shout out to inversions which offer a restorative love world that feels like no other)
For time in transit which has forced me to be in the moment.
For health.
For happiness and laughter.
For random animals I’ve met on the road.
For music.
And for you. For this opportunity to connect with community.
I’m sorry to have disappeared but needed to conserve all energy to get through these weeks and really focus on the details for our upcoming retreat. Tomorrow we welcome our guests for the yoga and creativity retreat in Brighton and we are mega excited for this journey, hosting lovely people and giving them a succulent greeting of the new year.
Tuesday is my first regular class teaching in Brighton and Hove and I take big and happy sighs for securing space that I dreamed of. And believe in the power of manifesting what you want. Even if people think you are crazy or try to brainwash untrue statements “there’s no space to rent in Brighton… You’ll be lucky… Perhaps in a couple of years…etc” I hope this doesn’t come off cocky, rather point out that there are many untruths out there, some of which we believe and take on ourselves. But we don’t have to believe them. We can create our own truths. We can follow our dreams.
This month I’ll be heading to Norway twice- once to Oslo for the Yoga Festival where we will share a Yoga Disco, then back to my other home, Bergen for a few days with some classes to share at Herosalen and the art museums. Grateful for all these opportunities, for all the setbacks and frustrations too.
For the full glory and madness of life.
Happy New Year.

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