Lately: Yoga Disco at The Yoga Show, London // Pictures

Blimey! We had no idea what to expect when we took our case of disco lights and props along to Kensington Olympia late October, but were we in for a treat! It was the biggest most bonkers yoga festival we had ever seen! Thank you to the Om Yoga Show for having us, to all the wondrous euphoric people who came to join the Yoga Disco (you blew us away!), to Lexie and Gloria for being so majestic and graceful in our ten minute set up time (couldn´t have done it without you!), to Run & Relax for the gear which withstood a LOT of yoga and dancing, to finemann who mixed the music so elegantly and to Moomin who patiently drove us to copious amounts of electrical stores in those days of preparation.


Here´s some visuals!

2013-10-25 17.03.032013-10-25 16.26.05 2013-10-25 17.03.37 2013-10-25 17.54.26 2013-10-25 18.02.482013-10-25 20.58.39 2013-10-25 18.16.33 2013-10-25 18.16.36-1 2013-10-25 18.16.36-2 2013-10-25 20.42.39 2013-10-25 20.48.26 2013-10-25 21.05.16

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