I have no idea what i´m doing…


We are all just trying our best. No one really has the answers.
Bimbling our way along in this life, ducking when challenges swipe, sometimes gettting hit, others leaping euphorically into a plateau of sweetness and relief.
It´s all a journey. And we´re all just jamming.

Those unresolved conflicts.

Painful relationships we haven´t quite gotten over.

The irritation of that woman who bitchfaced you for no apparent reason.

The pushing past of someone leaving you feeling less than important, i mean, who do they think they are?!

That threatening bill on top of everything else, that comes when the pennies just aren´t going to stretch.

That dreaded news about a loved one.

It´s all part of it.

How do we survive this minefield?

By doing our best.

How? I´m already trying that.

Really? Are you really? Can you for a moment consider the power you have in every situation? Every moment? Are you living your life wholeheartedly? Or with a shadow of fear or guilt that deprives you of your lifelong desires – perhaps your everyday desires. Are you walking your talk? Or following the status quo to keep the peace in the short term. Are you nourishing yourself? Good food, good people, good habits? What are you surrounding yourself with every day? Are you allowing these messages to be ones that elevate you to feel empowered, wonderful, capable, loved, supported?


Then perhaps some change is required.
And there´s no time like now to start implementing it.

Be it the filter of display in your facebook/twitter/instagram/email/etc feed, let it be the stuff that is worth your time. If it´s in any way making you feel less than you are or wasting your life, let it go.

It might be in the associations you have, obligations you´ve signed up to fulfil or relationships that are no good for your soul and the guilt around those things that keep you there, keeping you with half the energy you could be using somewhere else, let it go.

Perhaps it´s the way you are avoiding looking after yourself. Putting yourself first and listening to what you do and don´t need. Start here. Get the rest you need. Take time out in your day for yourself to do what you need to do to feel connected. Start listening. Despite what you may let yourself believe, you have all the answers. You can feel it. So have a good clear out, and make space to listen, make space to see you have the power to change .

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