Thank you Berlin!

This trip was like a perfectly ripe avocado. My dream for the longest time to practice with Elena Brower was realised and was so incredibly wonderful and healing. Of course challenging. In the best way.

Also had a day to enjoy the city, and to catch my dear friend Aida at the tail of her residency in the city. My soul and spirit re-energised!

Here are some pictures from the trip! For more info and recommendations, head to the Instagram feed! x





20130711-145525.jpg20130711-145410.jpg 20130711-204136.jpg 20130711-204121.jpg20130711-145659.jpg20130711-145730.jpg20130711-145718.jpg20130711-145811.jpg20130711-145828.jpg20130711-145749.jpg20130711-204215.jpg20130711-204230.jpg20130711-222125.jpg20130711-222159.jpg20130711-222306.jpg20130711-222430.jpg20130711-222533.jpg20130711-222544.jpg20130711-222620.jpg20130711-222637.jpg20130711-222650.jpg20130711-222659.jpg20130711-204159.jpg20130711-222723.jpg20130711-222732.jpg

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