YOGA DISCO London // thanks, pictures and playlist!

Wow! We had an ABSOLUTE  blast! Thank you all for coming out, sharing your tremendous energy and openness to this project. It was so wonderful to meet such lovely people on Saturday in our first Yoga Disco in London! Despite the hot and humid summer day you were full of pizzazz and it was an honour to share this time with you.

Thank you to Lexie for sharing The Alma Hub – an amazing organisation doing wonderful important work! Also for taking the pictures in this post! Thanks to Gloria for helping us set up and take down, and to Finemann for being my partner, friend and DJ who i respect and adore. I´m so grateful.

There´s a Brød & Smør gift mix for your ears which was taken from the session. Pictures are below!

Thank you London, let´s do it again sometime! x x x

yoga disco dance

Yoga Disco funtimes!

yoga disco lunge

yoga disco stretch

Freestyles and high fives

Freestyles and high fives

Stars before savasana

Stars before savasana

The magnificent Lexie from The Alma Hub

The magnificent Lexie from The Alma Hub

One thought on “YOGA DISCO London // thanks, pictures and playlist!

  1. Sooooo pleased it went well! Was thinking of you loads thought the weekend hoping the first London disco yoga would be a boom. Well done wonderful one 🙂

    Do you have a uk number? Maybe you already sent it and I missed it.

    Loads of love xxxxx

    Sent from my iPhone

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