Brighton – a warm whistlestop (pictures and happy mix!)

So a short break back to the UK involved some sweet but very limited time back in Brighton, ahh. Was in town with wedding helper duties to support the lovely Ali and Ben who were preparing to tie the knot. Although time was short, managed to also get some time in for Caribbean food and games with Matt and Becky and with the Worms (my folks!) for a blissful day of Brighton things (cue eating very, very well, dreamy walks and soaking up a lot of sunshine!).

I took some pics via Instagram and made a mix of sunny songs for the journey. A sound-vision board if you will. Scroll for more.

Thank you, Brighton, for your ever healing sweetness. Looking forward to the yoga seaside city retreat in August!

photo(2) photo(3) photo(4) photo(5) photo(6) photo(7) photo(8) photo(9) photo(10) photo(11) photo(12) photo(13) photo(14) photo(15) photo(16) photo(17) photo(18) photo(19) photo(20) photo(21)photo(25) photo(26) photo(27) photo(28) photo(29) photo(30) photo(31) photo(32)

One thought on “Brighton – a warm whistlestop (pictures and happy mix!)

  1. Amazing photos! You make me re- fall in love with Brighton 🙂

    Much love xxxxx

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