Celebrating community & support! GIVEAWAY! & Winnner announced!


Happy to announce our winner!!! (cue dodgy drumroll…)

Congratulations to Line who shared these fabulous supportive words:

“Let only good thought be within you”
On all levels, that is the best advice or guidance I’ve ever been given, be it with regards to what to do, why to do it, how to achieve your goals, be kind, have patience, be respectful, and, allow others – and yourself – the space needed to stay clear-minded and true.

Looking forward to sending you some support soon! Thank you to all who entered, so much love! xxx


Oh my! Happy and grateful for our lovely community, all over the world. We hit 500 likes on our Facebook page today, so seemed appropriate to have a giveaway (regardless or not of whether you´re on Facebook!)


To celebrate, we´re giving away a beautiful Run & Relax seamless sports bra in Gorgeous Grey! I am not paid to say this, but i can assure you, it´s the most supportive sports bra i´ve ever used and i feel confident and gently hugged in the right places (!).

Support is important, and it´s one of the reasons i believe so strongly in cultivating community. So, with that in mind, and to have a chance of bagging one of these bra´s (brings another perspective to Women´s day…), please share YOUR best advice that has supported you through challenging times. It might be a go-to quote from someone you admire, a recipe, a “funny” (yes including animals), books, films, music, yoga poses, appropriate weather wear, people, essentially inspiration. Share your support on Facebook, in our community page , and if you don´t have Facebook, either as a comment on this blog below of find us on Instagram! We will select a winner on Wednesday 20th March!

Looking forward to you sharing your words of support.

With love and gratitude x

One thought on “Celebrating community & support! GIVEAWAY! & Winnner announced!

  1. “if you’re going through hell, keep going.”

    I also put my t-rex picture on your Facebook, because sometimes you need a laugh for motivation!

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