Lately // Healing…Plus a Reminder: No class at Herosalen tonight or Sunday!

Hi loves,

In case you didn’t see the last two newsletters, website or my calendar, this weeks Herosalen classes will not be running, sadly. I found out recently i needed to go in to hospital for some tests, so i flew back to the UK after KUNST + Yoga yesterday (thank you all for coming – was gigantically sweet!).

So, lately, life has been mostly about healing. It was unexpected, and i guess no one really looks forward to that kind of news or prospect. I realise the deep rooted fears i have around hospitals and sickness in general, memories of loved ones lost or suffering leave stains that are hard to remove. So this period has been an interesting challenge and practice in my yoga “off the mat”. It required a change in my perspective, a lot of focus on being present and breathing! And i’m happy to say i’m home at The Worms with my dear husband, resting up and recouperating. As with everything in this sweet life, timings are non-coincidental, and this week happens to be my birthday (bitter-sweet?!), so i’m looking forward to being in the homeland around this time, seeing loved ones that i don’t usually get to see at this time of year. Thank you.

I’m grateful for this test, and this reminder to pause, and be thankful for it all. To observe my dear family and friends rally around me with such love and support and kindness. I feel it. I am grateful for the advice from the hospital to take it easy these days…and the practice in my impatience to do so (no asanas…mrgh!). I’m also grateful to quietly observe this period of receiving care and attention, and restraining my need to constantly try to serve and support others. I think it’s hard for many of us to do so, and practice is good.

But i wanted to check in here to explain my absence is not one i had planned, however as with everything, it all works out. I chose not to say anything about the reason before this moment as i didn’t want attention to cloud my focus to teaching, but i wanted to share it with you now so things are clear and from the source, from the horses mouth, so to speak! Just like everything  else i choose to post in my blog, i hope sharing what i may have learned through challenging times may resonate with someone. Or at the least an offer a perspective.

I’m sorry not to be at Herosalen, and hope you understand. I’ll be returning to Bergen on Tuesday to resume classes and share some exciting new projects – looking forward to it. Until then, be well, look after yourself and each other. x

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