Lately: Yoga & Creativity Retreat pictures!

Just back from Skjerjehamn and an wonderful couple of weeks hosting two Yoga & Creativity retreats! I feel honoured to have spent time with such wonderful people on this journey, exploring tools and ritual to harness our creativity, to let go, to bring in, and to move forward and closer to ourselves (and others). So, so sweet. And so, so powerful.

Super humungous thanks to my hubs who has been my rock and support whilst planning this entire adventure from it’s initial idea years ago, manifesting itself from a visionboard and now brought to life. Not only has he been there every step of the way, but he also created the most wonderful menu, and cooked up a storm for us all, feeding 35 of us and handling everything with ease and goodness, as well as leading the writing workshops which were so fantastic and challenging in the best way. Elskers.

Between hosting, cooking, cleaning, arranging and running the retreat, Ketil and I really couldn’t have made this happen without the help of dream folk…to whom we are incredibly grateful.

Vilde, homegirl! Thank you from the pits of my guts for allowing us to bring this project to Skjerjehamn and let us do whatever we wanted – you are so trusting and full of faith and enthusiasm and this has been so wonderful. Thank you for enabling my dream to come true. You’re one hell of a woman. And make a mean boiled egg! Thank you for leading the swimming ritual and being our maiden of fire. Disgustingly grateful.<3

Elisabeth, queen of sound and listening meditation and bringing folk safely to week two and being so helpful in every way. Such an exquisite tool you shared with us, and i am so happy you agreed to be onboard for this project. Your art is a gift. It’s a pleasure to work and play with you, here’s to more! Kyss!

To dear darling Moomin who traveled from the UK to be here and support emotionally, physically and spiritually, we love you so much. Thank you for helping us make this happen, help with clearing up and visioning and for transporting some of my rather bonkers list of equipment i’ve been gathering for months. You are our Angel… ❤

To Helga for organisation, AMAZING cake making, clearing up, lending of scissors and glue, and help with logistics, safely bringing people via boat in week one always with a hug of support…Big, big klem og kyss til deg!

To Aida, traveling all the way from Athens, Georgia, through jetlag, helping us prepare all the food with smile, song and bootyshaking moves – even despite jetlag – so we were ready in time, we bow to you and your infinite inspiration…queen!

And to all of you who came from super far and just around the corner. Thank you for trusting in this. And for being a part of this journey we brought to life together. For being open, for sharing, and for being who you are. Inspiring. Please send pics you’d like to share on here or facebook, and keep sharing! Spread love, smear it far and wide.

Here’s to more!

With much love and gratitude…

Dionne x

bilder 28

Writing workshop!

bilde (26)

Aida! Ketil! ❤

bilde (25)

#Finemann ❤

bilder 27


bilder 26


bilde (12)

Queen Vilde! Greeting the food delivery!

bilde (14)

Hey Moon!

bilde (23)bilde (20)bilde (21)bilde (18)bilde (10)bilde (16)bilde (19)bilder 25bilde (13)bilde (22)bilde (11)bilde (9)



bilde (15)

Mooms snow art

bilde (14)

Hey Moon…

bilde (8)

Farewell dreamspace...hopefully see you soon! #Skjerjehamn

Farewell dreamspace…hopefully see you soon! #Skjerjehamn

Back to Bergen!

Back to Bergen!

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