Lately: Settle down

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slowly settling back in the hus…is our tea machine wall a little much? #teaextreme

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my favourite page and quote by Vanda Scaravelli #wisdom

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DREAMWORLD!!! #avocado #mountain #wholefoods #kensington

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Made some rosemary incense for upcoming yoga retreat…here’s how!

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excited to share new equipment in class

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take care of you

Slowly unpacking and finding my way back into the house after the last days in the UK. I’ve been loving plodding around the place, lighting candles, making incense, trying finemann’s new recipes and generally appreciating how lucky i am, the amazing people in my life and the process of re-grounding.
Here´s a snapshot of what´s been going on lately:

fixing: Getting things back in order. Unpacking, reorganising, and finding room for the new yoga equipment. So far i´ve managed to lose, find, then lose my Norwegian sim card in 24hrs. It´s in here somewhere…! (apols to anyone trying to get hold of me on that number)

the tea machine: Our pride and joy is actually a vintage “moccamaster” gets a lot of love. She’s on her last legs in fact but we love her still. to answer Mr David’s query, today´s brew is echinacea.

testing the new hand blender: Oh gadgets, how i love thee! Our donated hand blender packed up a year or so ago, but now hummus, tabbouleh, soups, you name it, preparation times will be lovingly and gratefully eased!

getting on the mat: Generally hip openers and twists are what i love after travel (i tend to take shoulder openers on the plane wherever possible!). However since returning, i’m more drawn to shorter impromptu flows (generally featuring Miguel, Beyonce, J*DaVeY and Pet Shop Boys – yes, Pet Shop Boys) then a longer seated meditation for clarity and calm. It’s novel for me to crave still meditation over movement, but going with the flow and it´s certainly helping with the chaos of settling back in!

visionboarding: Post curry and armed with a cup of tea and lots of glitter, finemann and i sat amidst magazines, paper and glue to create our latest visionboards. I find this process so…necessary. It makes me feel clearer and offers perspective as well as excitement about  manifesting and welcoming in my wildest dreams. Who´s in?

did i mention candles? The noticeable difference in hours of light has surprised me, so upping my vitamin D, realising the value of rest (might have had a cheeky 10 winks this evening i sheepishly add) and avoiding coffee at the moment (yikeroo!). Hopefully won´t be long before this gall adjusts good n proper. My pal Pablo is from Mexico and he offered an insight into his winter habit, choosing to be a night owl to distract from the fact that the days are so short. Interesting as i notice i tend to go to bed a lot later these days. Perhaps the way to get through the darkness is to wantonly offer yourself up to it with gaping arms.

reading: I have a habit of reading too many books at once (the bed is generally peppered with around 6 at a time) but focusing on Donna Farhi’s Teaching Yoga which has been an ample feed at good timing. She tackles ethical conundrums aplenty and i’m currently being reminded on the importance of boundaries (especially when they are abused).

watching: it´s so rare of me to sit through a film without having a few projects on the side, (i get the guilt if i´m not doing something, working, producing something…yeah i know, get out more!) so after getting home from the airport at silly o clock in the morning i committed to watching Alfred Hitchcocks North by Northwest. With no “side projects” – well, almost none. Followed by Rear Window. I´m not great at scary films so a few peeking through fingers but all in all accomplished. I know! Life on the edge!

writing: Day 6 of the writing challenge and i’m terrified to be honest. I have a lot to say, but perhaps more meek than ever to say it. still, doing my best to show up and share. Masses of props to the challenge team who inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing.

So, now i must depart to finish off my newsletter. My first day back to teaching tomorrow and i´m so excited to reunite with fabulous souls. I hope your weekend has been super sweet and you´re suitably restored.

Until next time x

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