Always Returning // Wholesome Class of 2013

Grayson Perry, Map of Nowhere

Grayson Perry, Map of Nowhere

I return to Norway today, so juggling last days in the UK with a tinge of sadness for leaving dear family and friends, but also excitement for the days ahead, returning to classes and friends and family in Norway. It´s a trade off i´m slowly coming to accept, and sometimes think my most valuable life lesson has been about juggling life between two worlds. I used to think i had to choose, whether that was between my mixed heritage, or the country/place i lived, cue discombobulation at the pressure i put myself under to “fit” when instead the option to really be ok with who and where i was.

So, today my practice is embracing this life being in parts (it all adds up to a whole, right?) and reminding myself of this whilst trying to manage the inbox for duties here and there, a heap of packing to do (new yoga tools to bring back, yay!) and guilt about not being as “available” to everybody as i would like. I also remind you that you are enough. Who you are is enough. Doing your best is enough.

And here are details of classes for the new season, winter 2013! For further details on classes click here.

Monday 7 January
Yoga Rolig
18:30 @ Yogarommet

Yoga Flyt
20:00 @ Yogarommet

Tuesday 8 January
KUNST + Yoga – New season and new locations, hooray! Join us as we resume our glorious art and yoga collaboration 15:30 at Rød Sal in Permanenten.

Wednesday 9 January
Yoga @ Herosalen – First class back 2013! YES!
18:00 at Bergen Barneasyl
PS We are adding Sunday dates to this weekly shindig from February 3!

Sunday 3 February
Yoga nivå 1
16:00 @ Yogarommet
I´ll be sharing this class with the heavenly Hilde. Honoured to be in her company as we take alternate weeks

Yoga @ Herosalen – New Sunday class!
18:00 at Bergen Barneasyl

I´ll also be holding private classes and have slots available (either one to one or in a group) so send me an email if you´re interested.

With much love!

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