The Inspiration Station // New Year´s Resolution #fail or #fear?

Self-Portrait (1953), Andy Warhol

Self-Portrait (1953), Andy Warhol

As we enter into a new year, the telltale signs of resolve become apparent. More cyclists/joggers/bootcampers take to streets, numerous diet articles and advertisements pepper the environment, and the term “dry January” infiltrates Facebook feeds. I admire anyone who takes a stand and declares what they want to change (and take active steps to get there).

The label “New Years Resolution” tends to carry a lot of pressure (and cue a lot of annoyed self-loathing when i don´t meet the goal), so i´m instead drawn to the declaration of a sankalpa, a concept explored in great detail in Rod Stryker´s The Four Desires (which i have enjoyed devouring since the summer). The sanskrit term sankalpa identifies an intention, a positive vow that becomes the force that brings our thoughts, choices and actions into alignment with our innermost desires. San = born of the heart, kalpa = way of being. It´s a movement from the guts that empowers us to move from intention to a realisation of how we want to live. Instead of an ego-led demand which carries a limiting factor (e.g. i must lose weight), creating a sankalpa involves exploring your authentic purpose, innermost desires and motivations and acting on them (e.g. i want to take care of my body).

So herein lies the seed. To blog more regularly. To invest as much time developing my writing practice as my yoga practice. To practice. To keep practicing. Just as certain postures feel impossible at times, and sitting in front of a blank screen seeking the way to translate thoughts into something somewhat articulate, to try, regardless.

I´m humbled and excited to be part of a wonderful collective of souls who are putting their writing where their intention is and blogging their way through a 365 day writing/blogging yoga challenge. It scares me to even share this information as it means i am honouring that commitment, but it´s also exciting and liberating to share. In 2012 I tried my best to keep a weekly yoga blog with a topical theme and playlist i´d shared in class, however it really became increasingly challenging towards the end of the year – the process was more lengthy and difficult (the age-old not having much left to give and succumbing to the fear of my to do list). Of course, i chose to put myself in this position, and although it´s not always comfortable, once i decide to put in the work and share my words (after some deep breaths, closing my eyes and pressing “publish”), i ALWAYS feel that taking the risk is always better than not taking any action.

I love to set goals and want to persevere with this intention, so with that in mind, i will be aiming to share as regularly as time allows on here (the challenge states a minimum of three times per week). It will of course track my journey, inspiration that´s pinged my pants, music (of course), and musings, and i hope it will be inspiring.

New year resolution despair? Take the pressure off! Although it´s great to be driven to make changes with things you´re not content with, avoid beating yourself up and change your #fail or #fear to a #try. Start with one small step at a time. Here are some things that have inspired me this week:

  • Mr Paradox´s super advice:
    “The best way to find out how life works, is to experiment with your life to see what works and what doesn’t work, then do what works and don’t do what doesn’t work. It’s not rocket science. It’s life science ;)”

So, with those furballs out, i turn to you and your intentions/resolutions/goals/sankalpas, what´s on your agenda? How is it going so far? And anything you´ve learned on the journey?

With love x

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