Lately: London, Love, Light, Learning.

London, love, light

Just returned from a New Year´s adventure in London. Pulsating energy stirs up mighty inspiration, but needs to be carefully balanced as the beast of geography and overstimulation can be exhausting. It was an interesting trip, full of sweetness and connection connecting with dear Gloria and exploring ideas big and small, purpose, intent, ritual, guidance and growth. Feeling sensitive to the shifts i felt drawn to stay low-key and intimate with those near and dear, and my guts were urging me to heed to this desire, however the temptation of a gathering with unknown souls at a party hung with temptation.

An adventurous trek through the east led us to experience an unfortunate rude awakening to the new year. My blissful ignorance was reminded that some folk in the world are living in a time where mixed partnerships aren´t accepted or tolerated. Hmm.

What to say on this to attempt to clearly articulate my stance without sounding too defensive or outraged? I guess we were exposed to a rocky and scary start to the new year, and a recurrence of the feeling of fear and anxiety when confronted by danger. However the clarity and gift of love and great friendships enabled me to move forwards with hope that this archaic, ignorant and frankly abhorring attitude was shocking because it was rare to experience.

Although i´m all too frankly aware that discrimination is absolutely present in this world, it is also challenged by a movement of union, peace and goodness. And i strive to be a part of that. No regrets, all part of the wild ride. I´m grateful for this experience and the best lesson i had was affirming the importance of listening to your gut instincts. Moving from those feelings. N0t the intellectualisation of something, rather the energy you can feel. In trusting yourself.

We moved forward and drank tea and shared our intentions, musings and excitement for 2013.

The next day, we made our way west to attend a new year yoga workshop with Leila Sadeghee developing power and purpose (and deep Hanuman exploration…cue constantly reminding myself to unclench the jaw!) and felt the resonance of declaring your intention. Beautiful. It resonated with the work i´ve been doing for the yoga and creativity retreats and personal sankalpas.

Exhaustion then carried us along the Thames, gasping at the beauty of light as we were lured off track to Battersea Bridge. Energising euphoria carried us upwind, staring across to the Buddha, cosy interiors and discarded pine trees and we were high again, feeling the powerful energetic shifts.

This year, I have chosen TRUTH (integrity, honesty, being, living and knowing) as the deepest underlying value to be absorbed and expressed in everything i think, say or do. To practice with that commitment with the intention of embodying it cellularly was so powerful but also challenging. We sat in a glow of contentment and tiredness, so happy to have shared the intimacy.

Returning home, nurtured with tea, reflection and wonderful company. I am so grateful and open to the year and trusting in the truth and the acceptance that there is wisdom in every experience.  Things may not always go to plan, but we can always learn and grow. As we commence this journey into 2013, to be grateful for it all.

And London, you saucy minx, i still have a lot of love for you.

2 thoughts on “Lately: London, Love, Light, Learning.

  1. I adore this post. So hard to see the world hasn’t all grown progressively forward as many of us have. I know, I lived in TX for 7 years! ;-).

    I love that Truth is your word of the year. We should all be so wise!

    p.s. I believe that I am going to have to use the phrase “saucy minx” a lot in 2013. LOVE IT!!

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