Yoga & Creativity Retreat – UPDATE

Darling loves…

Just wanted to update you on the Yoga & Creativity retreat situation, as in 24hrs of announcing the retreat on Facebook we were already well over capacity for the weekend 18-20 January 2013 at Skjerjehamn…Wow.

I have responded to the people that replied to book first, and have started a “reserve” list for the weekend, but the good news is, i had a chat with the dear folk at Skjerjehamn and we might have the possibility of holding another Yoga & Creativity Retreat the following weekend 25 – 27 January 2013.

So, here it is…what we would like to know is:
1) Are you interested in attending the retreat?
and 2) If yes, which weekend works best for you, 18 – 20 January or 25 – 27 January 2013?

With this information, we can get a clear idea as to whether we can accept more bookings as we really don´t want to let people down. I also appreciate many aren´t on Facebook, and also due to the new payment system of “promoting posts ” on pages, some may not have seen the details about the retreat until today, so hopefully this information reaches you well and gives everyone a fair chance at securing a place.

I am heading to Skjerjehamn on Thursday to discuss the retreat, menu and detailed itinerary (and general soaking up of this astounding location- cue Instagram-mania!), so on Friday we can make a decision on the second date. If you could let me know if you´re interested by Thursday morning, that would be ACE.

Totally overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for this exciting project, and really looking forward to being at your service for new year restoration, intention setting and wellness.

With bulbous gratitude…

dionne x

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