Head(ing) in the right direction, dancing with the universe, cheek to cheek (plus playlist)

There is a way through every road block. Every obstacle that seems to present itself. Each gut wrenching waiting room with limbo. Patience, yes, but more specifically, guidance.

Sometimes, things happen which don’t taste like custard. Even when they do, we’re often caught up in the next drama to notice. The thing is with custard, is that it’s always available to us (even though it’s not sold in Norway). We just need to stay open and present to receive it.

Easier said than done eh? Well, I have some news for you. You did pick the right life, you’ve made exactly the right choices and this moment, and everything leading up to it is perfect.Yes, it is.You could never make the wrong decision, because the entire universe is working its butt off to ensure everything is available to make this the most incredible life, ever.

I feel like I’m talking from the script of a 90s movie with my colloquial banter, but bear with me.

You are perfect. Everything around you is perfect. Everything that is happening in your world is not happening “to” you. It’s happening “for” you. There is no bad custard! It exists everywhere!

A while ago, someone said to me that their Nana gave them some advice. That in life, you are never given more than you can bear. That’s real talk, I think.

Consider your current attitude. Do you sometimes find yourself frustrated, at a dead end with no end or light in sight? I can totally feel that way, and it pains me. I’m so blooming frustrated at these moments, and behave like a little brat.

Oh poor me, it’s just so hard…why does this happen? I just have no idea what to do about *insert situation here*


It’s a wretched self fulfilling prophecy of negativity, and only leads to more misery and uncertainty. So lately, I’ve tried a different technique. Yes, feel my feelings (we don’t want to ignore them, we are designed to feel them!), perhaps have a wail, or crawl under the duvet like a creepy human crab for a while, licking wounds, being lost in confusion, whatever, but then, consider the MAGIC in the madness. Then I start to laugh.

“Oh, I SEE!” as I consider the universe is asking me to dance!

We always have options. On or off the mat. Choices and more importantly, guidance, around us, supporting us, at every single moment! How freaking awesome is that? (sorry, reverted to the 90s again)

Of course it can feel overwhelming if there’s a giant question mark looming overhead. But in those times, perhaps we can allow ourselves to be guided a little more, be open to assistance, especially in the most unexpected of ways. We can start to see this entire matrix of life as a game, where we can only WIN!

The signs abound all of the time. I like to believe it’s the universe conversing with us through the subtle (and not so) channels/ measures. It lays out all the treats before us depending on what we “wish for” or rather, what frequency we put out. Perhaps you might consider it as coincidence, or chance, or a higher power, as Jonathan Richman put it.

We might see it at work, thinking about that loved one, then suddenly receiving a text from them. Or looking at a bookshelf and appropriate titles jumping out at you. Or a seemingly random meeting with a like-minded soul in the most absurd of situations. Or the green lights all the way to work when you’re super late. Or the last avocados available to you in the store (a personal fave). And so on. These“sliding doors” moments of serendipity – a terrible but brilliant film I admit  are always accessible. Or not. Causing the aforementioned “duvet crab” moments.

This week, we flirted with the 7th chakra – often referred to as our emotional guidance system. Working with the chakras (wheels of energy) can be a really useful way to locate where blockages of energy flow might exist, or perhaps where things might be unresolved and stored away, causing these moments of feeling “stuck”.

The 7th chakra is located around your “crown”, actually encompassing a halo-like ring around your head, much like the type depicted in some religious iconography. If it’s out of balance, there’s often a tendency to be ego led. We might feel unsure of ourselves and lack self confidence, or perhaps fear and anxiety are prevalent (often manifested in physical symptoms of headaches, worry and anxiety). In this state of deficiency, we are more disconnected from this “higher power”, and instead attached to addictive habits and our need for control instead of allowing us to bathe in the abundant possibilities that exist.

My main woman, Anodea Judith puts it elegantly in one of my fave books on the topic, Eastern Body, Western Mind:

Surrendering to a higher power does not require us to relinquish lower states, but does involve a release of that which separates us from the rest of creation. To surrender is to release our defences, to let go of attachment, to trust the universe. As we let go of the small places we hold so tightly, we are lifted and carried into grace.”

Can you trust in the guidance that is only there to support you achieve the best possible life on offer?

A reminder: There’s no wrong decisions on your part. If the darkness looms, perhaps tune in via another frequency. E.g. close off one sense and attune another. Stay open. The whole universe is laid out before you. Dance with it, cheek to cheek, and observe the guidance all around us, all of the time (especially those excruciatingly dark ones). Believe and receive!

Here is a Spotify playlist from Thursday evening’s shindig. You might like to use it for your dance date:

Bjørn Torske – Kokning
Animal Collective – Banshee Beat
Bloc Party – Signs
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Glasser – Apply
Air – Run
Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream
Appaloosa – The Day (We Fell In Love)
Kelpe – After Gold
Bonobo – Terrapin
How To Dress Well – Ready For The World
Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way
The Monkees – Daydream Believer
Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant
Cass McCombs – County Line
Nico – I’ll Be Your Mirror
Broadcast – Distant Call
Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur A Contra
Goldfrapp – Let It Take You
Emiliana Torrini – Lifesaver
MC Yogi – Shanti (Peace Out)

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