A Mindful Mixtape Monday (with a side of bliss!)

Hello one and all!

A number of gorgeous people have sweetly shared that their lives are particularly hectic and bonkers at this time of the year. It seems many of us have been affected as we head deeper into the winter darkness and for some, exams are looming on the horizon. So this morning’s sequence was indulgent and restorative, recognising and identifying where stress might have manifested itself in our bodies. Rather than allowing the spiral of tension to escalate our situation leaving us exhausted and “crash”, completely depleting energy stocks, we attempted to drop deeper into our postures and ourselves, to use exhales (with focus through the mouth) to dissolve those moments of drama, and find a new space for ourselves. Longer holds were order of the day with makeshift props to give ourselves a bit of extra support.

Takk Elsie's Yoga Kula It’s a fresh week of bliss so felt it of duty to share today’s pop hits playlist for your aural pleasure. At the very least have a moment of listening calm in Supta Baddha Konasana (with props from home including pillows, sofa cushions and duvet) and a cup of tea (pre or post posture!).

I hope you find a more centred and grounded space for yourself today and the rest of the week, choosing the pace you want to continue your amazing journey onward!

Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist. Enjoy your bones x

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