Video Alert: TRY Yoga – Leg, back and hip saver.

At long last i pulled my finger out and got round to making some of these video requests. I realise it can be quite abstract to talk about yoga when for some people visuals really help in constructing and formating a personal practice, which is really want the deal is about. And i want you to feel nice. Thank you for all your support as always, and if you have any questions, know you´re always welcome to ask.

For now though, i´ll leave you with the first video: a couple of moves that fix me nicely in the day when my lower back, pelvis and hamstrings all throw a party that i´m not invited to. The “party” involves stiffness and a general air of crunchy compact i´ve-been-sitting-too-long which is not pleasant. So evict them from the premises and find a new feeling of shindig to indulge. Love always!

One thought on “Video Alert: TRY Yoga – Leg, back and hip saver.

  1. Yay!! 🙂 Haha, Loves your blog dear shining Dionne! ~ Just great to see you in your element and shining bright! Wonderful video, voice over and music, can so see you doing this for television.. but hey your already doing for the whole world two be able to connect, see and enjoy! Just great! Very proud and inspired dear shining angel of joy! Yay! I am just in the process of setting up my new gallery website, I am adding the blog, which I felt was looking a little boring and not as shiny as I would like, so thought to have a looksy as I remembered being inspired by yours a while ago.. Just greaaaat!!!! Thank you for this sharing!! A super shining being of delight you are my my joyful angelic friend.. Super Shiny Abundant Blessings Of Creation Dancing Your Way!! xoxo

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