Today´s idea: De-weeding plus fresh seeds (pots!)

Put your back into it

Some of you might know i enjoy a little ritual or two. As mentioned in my previous post, the Autumn Equinox is upon us, like, officially, today! So what better way to unleash the beast than to purge out the stuff we don´t need any more? I´m talking about that stuff that takes up precious space inside, the weighty carrier bags that are all ripped and scruffy, full of weeds and crap that´s just not serving us. Let us get “serrrved” and make more room for mushrooms. Or roses.

One of my favourite rituals is to make five minutes, write down everything that is squatting in my head (and manifesting itself in other areas of the body…) which is not useful to me at all. I mean everything. Like that lady who asked if i was drunk because i was happy (and sober) and said hello to her dog. Like that person who called me a horrible name to make me feel wretched inside. Like that feeling that i could always do more, be better even when i´m trying my hardest….and like that relationship i know is not a fair and equal one, zapping my energy and causing me to roll my eyes a lot and then feel guilty because of it….everything!

Get it down, get it out then burn it! Yeah! I´m not encouraging a pyromaniac personality disorder here, rather the feeling of liberation from unhappy shackles whilst cutting out the crap you don´t need. See it turn to ash (safely, in a controlled environment preferably outside and water close-by in case things get a little out of hand!) and then allow yourself to be rid of it. Begone negativity! Vamoose ugly horridness! You are no longer welcome!

Now for extra fizz, i like to get lots of coloured pens (and glitter) and make a map of all the gorgeous things i want to welcome in for the next period. I mean all those sweet and kind and happy feeling things with no reservations. For example, i would like to be able to spend time each day dancing to Prince to make me smile. Or once a week i will cook myself the most magnificent banquet. Possibly including cake. You get the idea.

Pin this up! Let it be a reminder to you to plant seeds which make you feel nice inside. Create a garden of juicy vegetables and flowers and slide into the next season more abundant.

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