Yoga in the Rommet – New Schedule!

Hei sweet munchkins of dawn chorus! Hope you are dandy and great!

I´m blissed from the amazing individuals i encountered in today´s class and afterward in meditation. Feel so lucky to be in the presence of such fabulous beings.

I´m writing to you tonight with some excited rumblings and wanted to announce a bit of handsome news. The sweet studio Yogarommet has let me loose in their, um, room and i´m delighted to start holding classes there once a week with immediate effect. This will mean each Tuesday you can join me for a flow class doused in Jiva between 18:30 and 19:50. First class is Tuesday 30 August and schedule has been amended accordingly.

In other related news i´m also happy to be holding a bonus one-off vikar class tomorrow evening, that´s Monday 29 August, from 20:00 – 21:20, level 2 playtime. Here´s some directions! Can´t wait!

Giant love lunges!

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