Meditation meetup – Bergen!

Image via Chakra Meditation Today

Hi Darlings!

After discussions with some sweet like-minded souls, it seems there´s a call for a collective meditation meetup. It´s something close to my heart and i would love to offer a space that is open to all to gather and, well, be!

Meditation is a super technique for making a bit more space for yourself. It´s also  a useful tool to obtain better energy management and cultivate positive and healing pathways leading us to better health, sleep and, well, a more productive, happier life!

As a gorgeous incentive, it was revealed after putting this meditation call out to the universe, that there appears to be a global movement to connect geographies via meditation! Cheekily titled, MedMob, it takes a little bit of tongue in cheek inspiration from the flash mob movement, inviting all kinds of people to come together and, well, meditate (with or without gorilla costumes!). Coincidentally the next global MedMob is happening tomorrow, so seems sweetly appropriate to make a small gathering ourselves eh?

I´m teaching a 60 minute yoga class at Vektertorget from 16:00 which is open to all, so we can make space afterwards to sit together and have a short 20 minute meditation. I´m also super pleased to share a short (5 minute) but divine sound bath is available afterwards, (bathe in sound-no removal of clothing necessary!) courtesy of a kind soul.

No matter your experience, background, belief, faith, musical preference,  i hope that you can make it and may this begin a great community! For directions to Vektertorget click here . For more info on MedMob, click here.

Much love to you!

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