Langston Hughes on taking chances and camel sausage (includes blagging).

Langston Hughes

“I never know why the desk clerk or the floormaid let Natasha into my room when I was away. They never let anyone else in, and what Natasha told them, I don´t know. I suppose she was like me – if she decided to get somewhere, or go someplace, she went. I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go, if you really want to go. You might have to squeeze through a knothole, humble yourself, or drink muddy tea from consumptive bowls or eat camel sausage, pass for a Mexican, or take that last chance, but – well, if you really want to get there, that´s the way it is. If you want to see the world, or eat steaks in fine restaurants with white tablecloths, write honest books, or get in to see your sweetheart, you do such things by taking a chance. Of course, a boom may fall and break your neck at any moment, your books may be barred from libraries, or the camel sausage may lead to a prescription of arsenic. It´s a chance you take.”

Taken from I Wonder as I Wander. Thanks, Langston, you´re my hero.

One thought on “Langston Hughes on taking chances and camel sausage (includes blagging).

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