From the green, green grasses of Northumberland to the green, green mountains of Bergen

Thought i´d share some visuals from my trip back to the UK where i was lucky enough to attend one of the most gorgeous festivals i´ve ever encountered – Earthing the Spirit – set in the stunning Northumbrian landscape.

A writhing orgy of creative abundance afforded us to dance in various forms (interpretive workshop being my ultimate), sing from the heart, share in uncloaked honesty, delve into deeper spiritual philosophies, nourish with the most succulent vegetarian feasts and indulge in yoga discos every day (most often accompanied by sweet flute and drums!).

A truly transformational time and much needed nourishment for the soul, highly recommended. Especially the meditation course – tools for life! Thank you Rosie, Gazza (!), Poppy, Becky, and all the beautiful, open, vibrant lights that made it so bulbously special! Giant loveballs!

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