Now There´s That Fear Again! Morning Playlist// 60 mins // 12 May 2011

So, theme of the week = FEAR! I feel it needs capitals for extra shock value. Like it needs it. This week i shared some of my fears with the classes, (a top ten if you will, cue Disc Jockey voice) and i thought, for “fun” i´d add them to this post, just to give some extra jelly to the playlist. Here goes:

1) Spiders. Terrified.

2) Being the centre of attention. Hence why i became a yoga teacher.

3) Public toilets. Ucksville.

4) Trolls. I don´t get it. And you can take them down from Fløyen whilst you´re at it.

5) Having my picture taken. You´ll notice the same bewildered expression upon each photo.

6) Failure.

7) Being late and missing something. Including life. Which leads us to…

8 ) Death/dying.

9) Horror films. Useless.

10) Pickles. I don´t trust them.

Most fear (although at times very real and scary) tends to be based on an irrational feeling the mind has attached to, working it´s way into (in most cases) being worse than the actuality. The powerful mind can convince us to latch onto anything we allow it to, be that terror, hysteria or lust (etc).

Sometimes we just have to stare into those (eight) eyes and accept what gets washed up, and rather than run screaming into the night in one´s dressing gown (oh, just me then?), we can see it for what it really is. A feeling. That is possible to change at any moment. What is really interesting is when we  start to explore a little deeper into the seat of this particular feeling.

So, before the ´hits´i´ll leave you with a (veggie) sausage:

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth” Pema Chodron

Click here for playlist via Spotify!

Solar Bears – Cub
Múm – Now There’s That Fear Again
TV On The Radio – Second Song
Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Madonna – Lucky Star
The Whitest Boy Alive – Courage
Jamie Woon – Spirits
MC Yogi – Krishna Dub – Feat. Sharon Gannon – Remix – Bonus Track
A Race of Angels – golden
Gold Panda – Parents
James Blake – Give Me My Month
Joshua Radin – No Envy No Fear
Beach House – Real Love
Amel Larrieux – try your wings

One thought on “Now There´s That Fear Again! Morning Playlist// 60 mins // 12 May 2011

  1. You are brave 🙂 Corrageous! My heroinne! 😀 And right you are being afraid of Trolls. Just take a look at the ‘documantary’ “Troll” made in 2010.. Dangerous creatures!

    Hope to see you soon, beautiful!

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