more snow, ode to spring. and winter.

I´m going to level with you. I got up this morning and groaned. Actually, it was more of a grunt. I peeked out of the window to find a thick blanket of snow outside. And the immediate feeling was, ´how inconvenient!´.

Disgusting aren´t i? I mean, here i am, living in one of the most beautiful places i´ve ever seen, and i´m grumbling about the inconveniences of the white stuff. I sat with one of my favourite books of the moment and plucked open a random page. It read:

`There is negative and positive in every situation.´

Well, that certainly smacked me in the chops good and proper! I had been stuck in my head worrying about possible hinderance caused by snow that would affect getting to my dear Thursday morning class, that i failed to see the beauty and magic in the phenomenon right outside my doorstep. It was early, no one was around, and i had this carpet of ice mulch to play with. I could observe the world in a different light and make the most of the stillness. I just had to choose to see the positive aspects of the situation (as opposed to being bothered i had to pick a different pair of shoes to wear, woe betide!)

So i hurriedly readied myself, made sure breakfast was consumed (always a good rule to adhere to!) and set off on my magical tour upon the glistening streets. Armed with my trusty (?) phone camera, i paused at junctions, on corners, squatted in spaces (obtaining some funny looks on the go) and grinned like a happy maniac to anyone i passed. They must have thought i was insane…Oh well!

Slowing down to pause and search for a different view, i could appreciate the minor details i might have lost whilst being bogged down in the hindrances. For example, the fellas shovelling the streets so we could all have a safe path to walk on our morning journey. The delicate doggie footprints sunken into the fresh layer. The cafe workers gearing up to provide the morning caffeine cocktail in a cup. It was wonderful. I still had time to prepare for the darling yoginis and also a snowy spring in my step.

It gave me courage to change my planned sequence last-minute. initially i´d planned a restorative session for the lovelies. A slow, mindful flow which would ground and calm. Hell no! We took it to the next level and lit bonfires even Guy Fawkes would be proud of (bad taste analogy?!). Pitta inducing hot potatoes of balancing and back bending postures, energizing, uplifting and-let´s face it- a bloody exhausting sequence that the yogis lapped up. Unbelievable energy. I even threw in a group yoga sequence which still didn´t phaze them. So inspiring. I feel so lucky to meet such folk. So thanks to them, Judith Hanson, and the road sweeper for showing me such a valuable lesson. It´s how you choose to accept something is what matters.

We can gaze with a negative lens and miss the point, or positive and feel great!

Namaste snyøginis!

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